Ann O'Connor, Make Music VT Community Builder!

Ann O'ConnorAnn O'Connor enters her third year of helping coordinate the statewide Make Music VT festival, giving Vermonters the chance to "come out and play!" every June 21. The festival grows each year thanks to her work, and more of us get to have the pleasure of hearing music in new settings, in new communities. Find out more about Make Music VT.
"My musical career was short. Started playing the flute in Elementary school (when school budgets allowed for music teachers).  Then on to Jr. High (where yet again, music was a subject just like math). High school brought on chorus & a couple musicals - The End
Music gave me discipline & a sense of achievement, even though I wasn't very good. I made friends, I learned a skill (sort of). What music really taught me, was an appreciation for sound and how talented master performers really are - even though it seems so easy to them.
I like working with Big Heavy World through Make Music VT, because being outside listening to live music on a beautiful Summer day, is better than, well...lots of mundane things.
I asked one of my musician friends one day, "How is it you can recall the words to all those songs, but you forget to shut the door at night"? His reply, "Sometimes I fake it until the lyrics just work themselves out. When did I forget to shut the door"?
I love being around creative people. I LOVE the idea of kids getting out and singing, dancing, and carrying on.  Even if they aren't very good, they will always remember the time that they made people smile and have a good time. Older kids will benefit from being a mentor to someone younger. Someone who actually thinks they're cool, which is important when you're 15.
Make Music VT (part of International Music Day) is a day that appeals to all ages. Imagine playing music in a park & possibly having a "famous" performer just join in to back you up?? It could even be the local hero - doesn't matter. It's a joyous thing."
For fun: I am a BBQ fanatic.  Not grilling (which I do when I'm lazy), but cooking on wood.  At one time, I was the only female member of the NE BBQ Association, but I quit because they were not active. I think I make the best ribeye in VT. My daughter gives me wood  for Christmas - I'm that geeky. This year it was Mulberry.
I'm a sales rep for a local company & travel throughout Vermont & New Hampshire. I encourage participating in Make Music VT, every chance I get.  I'm really excited to be part of the crew & helping Vermont get outside & PLAY!"