Emma Back CD Release Show: Accompanied by Senayit; Colin McCaffrey; Meredith Muse; Jessie Owens 5/24/18

Meredith Muse and Senayit will be opening for Emma Back, who will be performing and debuting her new album 'Little World' at Arts Riot on May 24th. Back will be accompanied during her performance by producer Colin McCaffrey and dancer Jessie Owens. Little World: Raise Up Your Eyes. Thursday May 24 2018 6:30 pm, ArtsRiot, 400 Pine St, Burlington VT 05401

$10 advance tickets and $10-$20 sliding scale day of show

The evening will begin with an art installation by Meredith Muse and opportunities for the audience to engage in dialogue and activities based on the themes of Little World prior to the formal performance. Senayit (www.senayit.com)  will open the performance portion of the night followed by Emma Back with guest musician Little World producer Colin McCaffrey and dancer Jessie Owens performing original choreography.

In live performance, Emma Back uses a loop pedal to create lush layers of strings and Balkan and African inspired percussion as the backdrop for melodic vocal lines that hint at Bjork and Tori Amos influences juxtaposed with the spacious urgency of Andrew Bird. Whether she is tapping her violin bow on the mic stand, beatboxing, stomping, whispering haunting melodic stories into the mic, or digging into a klezmer violin solo, Back’s dynamic and passionate performance invokes in listeners a deep sense of intimacy and care.

Produced by Colin McCaffrey, Back’s debut release Little World blends acoustic instrumentation with percussive loops, layers of vocal and string harmonies, and flourishes of Eastern-European tonalities. The record was written and recorded during a four-year period of immense transition in Back’s life that included a health crisis resulting in her return to Vermont where she was bedridden for 6 months after burning out from traveling in Israel and touring and teaching throughout the US. In her healing process, she found herself exploring aspects of inner-shadow and global issues of conflict, pondering the age-old question, ‘how do we connect beyond the differences that divide us and stand in compassion and solidarity?' This yearning to heal, both personally and collectively and the sense of bearing witness to inner and outer "shadow" as a pathway for transformation, is at the heart of Little World.

After transitioning between three different producers across three states and rewriting many of the songs after her health crisis and travels, Back finally landed with producer and multi-instrumentalist Colin McCaffrey to finish recording Little World in Vermont. What resulted from their collaboration is an album that is sonically intricate and emotionally complex.

Raise up your eyes and the release of Little World on May 24th will be followed by Emma Back’s solo national tour in support of the album. Cities include: Boston MA, Boulder CO, New York NY, Portland ME, San Francisco, Eugene OR, Portland OR, Chicago and more.

Little World becomes available on May 24th. The title track can be heard now at www.emmabackmusic.com/littleworld or on spotify. Pre-purchase or listen to Little World: http://www.emmabackmusic.com


Defined by Senayit Tomlinson’s unique vocal style along with accessible, infectious melodies and the lyrical sophistication of her prolific songwriting. Deep, natural musicianship and the free and open dedication to that calling reveals itself effortlessly at live performances, whether solo or joined by her band. This intuitive musicianship allows for a freedom of movement and expression indicative of jazz players, yet this is contemporary alternative rock and soul based music which grounds itself in the influences of Radio Head, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Ray, The Black Keys and formidable elders such as Led Zeppelin.

“As the central figure behind the indie rock trio that bears her name, Senayit Tomlinson’s fingerprints are all over the rock-solid ‘Of Body’. There’s a raw aspect to the self-released platter that works well with Tomlinson’s blues-tinged vocals and the rough-around-the edges stick work of percussionist Isaac Luxon.” — JS, Folk and Country Reviews

Emma Back

Emma Back is a musician, coach, healer, teacher and writer on feminine empowerment and the founder of SSOL (SHE SINGS OUT LOUD). A Gypsy-Folk-Pop songstress, fiddler, live looping and vocal artist, Emma has been creating music and performing her entire life and has been a full time touring musician since 2011. She is in the process of recording her second album and has performed in the US, France, England, and Israel.  Emma has trained extensively in spiritual and personal empowerment disciplines including Tibetan Buddhism and Jewish Renewal and as a coach with Landmark Education.  She holds a BA in music from Naropa University - an institution specializing in contemplative and Buddhist inspired education. Emma is on a mission to help people connect deeply with one another, dissolving the barriers of separation that she believes are at the root of war and suffering.

“Starting her song “Qui Tomber” instantly transported me into this romantic, film-noir Parisian back alley with its interesting and dark lines in the strings, simple piano accompaniment, and intriguing and haunting lyrics. Back has this knack of bringing you in and making you want to delve further and further into the stories she weaves. She’s the Hotel California of songwriters.” — Germ Magazine

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Colin McCaffrey

Colin McCaffrey is a native Vermonter, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer who has worked on hundreds of regional recordings and live productions. Lending his smooth voice and string wizardry to the best music coming out of these hills, Colin McCaffrey is another amazing artist.

"A Green Mountain treasure worth unearthing." — Burlington Free Press


Meredith Muse


Jessie Owens