Video: The Hemlock Verdict Perform 1/21/2017 to Honor 242 Main


The Hemlock Verdict, a staple of the Burlington, VT punk and hardcore scene, reunite to help celebrate 242 Main, a one-of-a-kind local music venue on January 21, 2017 at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A.

242 Main, Burlington’s teen center and longest-running all-ages punk rock venue in the U.S., was honored that night by reunions from Burlington legends Rocketsled, Cancer Conspiracy, Jesus Nut, The Hemlock Verdict, and From the Ground Up.

Edited by Mike Gatti. Videography by Ryan Canaday, Brian Dewey, Mike Gatti, Jasper Minson, and Steve Murray. Cameras provided by Mike Gatti and Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM). The first TV showing of the videos is on VCAM.

Special thanks to the VCAM and Higher Ground staffs who helped a ton, especially Bill Simmon, Kyle Rose, and Chris Friday.

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About 242 Main:

City-funded, musician-run, and an institution 30 years strong, 242 was forced to close its doors December 3, 2016 due to structural issues with its home, Memorial Auditorium. 242 continues to present shows in and around the Burlington area while its community works together to open it again. Tons more info below:

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