Jasper Minson Joins Crew: Bennington College Represents

Words by Jasper Minson. Photo by James Lockridge.

"My name is Jasper – I’m a student at Bennington College studying film, music and visual arts, as well as education. I make many things of many varieties, and am the founder of a merry band of makers, a collective, called Finity. I like to explore experience, the human experience, through music and art, time and space and all the absurdity from across the musical and dimensional and psychological spectrum. I like to spend my time feeling and encountering things that are cosmic and abstract and hard to pin down, in spaces on the beautiful fringes of life, and through film and underground music and art, I can explore this realm, and share in the experience with others, being as inclusive and encouraging as possible in the process. Big Heavy World, as a purveyor of profound encounters and beautiful networks of support and encouragement for music makers and seekers everywhere in the state, is a beautiful outlet for my passions, one that I’m eager to engage with and contribute to."

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