Tim's Triangle Tribune - December, 2016

The Monkey House 10 year anniversary party December 17, 2016

Colin Clary and Friends

I had a great time celebrating the 10 year anniversary of The Monkey House a couple of Saturday’s ago. I had to be up a bit early for work but got out at 4:30 then went home to eat dinner and settle for a bit. A little after 6 I headed out the door and took the long walk to Winooski.

When I arrived Parmalee was on stage. He played keys and bass and sang. Most of the songs had an electronic dance beat though everything moved and breathed enough to not be too easy to spot. A couple of the songs had huge builds to them and I really enjoyed those parts. I caught six of his songs including one about not passing it off on somebody else, and one about running like a dog. The third one I caught was especially drifty and dreamy and was my favorite. He closed the set with a Parmaga cover that went something like “I will take no more than I make.” His set was really good and worth looking into for the future.


There was a short set break then Phil Yates & The Affiliates hit the stage hard. Their short set was blisteringly fast and super fun. They opened with Burn Burn Burn then played a couple of cool new ones. Ninjas Vs Zombies was great as always and they kept the pace at full throttle with Burn It Down Bernadette. The eased up a tiny amount for the gorgeous She Has Your Name and closed fast and furious with Little French Earthquakes. What a great set!

Phil Yates and the Affiliates

There was a short set break then Colin Nicholas Clary and friends hit the stage. Sometimes their music is on the gentle side but that night they put the core in Cuddle Core. The whole set rocked hard and I loved every moment. I don’t think I knew any of the songs but like them all. The eleven short songs included ones about sanctuary cities, goody goody gumdrops, and being almost as cute as I used to be. They closed with a rocker about how everybody’s falling apart these days. It was a terrific set of music.

Colin Clary and Friends

There was a short set break then Paper Castles hit the stage. Again, I don’t think I knew any of the songs but the band were on fire and played a tremendous show. They played five songs with themes like best friend the end and coincidence & accidents. They had a majestic huge rock sound and closed with the super appropriate song that said “I want you inside this house”.

Paper Castles

There was a short set break then Tyler Daniel Bean hit the stage. With a heavy indie rock or metal sound they played a furious set of music. The opener was long and heavy and beautiful. Willow I and II were brilliant. I did not know the closer but it rocked super hard. Their set was nothing but brilliant power.

Tyler Daniel Bean

There was a short set break then SWALE hit the stage. Since all the other bands rocked hard, they stuck to their heavy side for their five song set. They opened with Everyone Likes To then unleashed the brilliant Drug Laws. They rocked hard on a couple of new ones then had a little fun with Youth Against Fascism. They had the lyrics on cards and had a couple of people come up and show the lyric then toss the card away much like Dylan did with the Subterranean Homesick Blues video. It was so great.


There was a short set break then In Memory Of Pluto hit the stage. Unfortunately, singer Seth Gallant’s car broke down so bassist Zach Jandl sang for their brilliant set. I did not know any of the songs but loved them all. I think they said they were an alien metal band and rocked out seven powerhouse songs. The opener was about a death ray and the second was about Halloween. Whatever they played, I really liked it.

In Memory Of Pluto

There was a short set break then Blue Button hit the stage. With Jason Cooley singing and playing guitar, they had a three guitar attack to compliment the bass and drums. I’ve seen a few different combinations of the band over the years but I think this was my first with three axes. Their sound was huge and glorious and I loved every moment of the set. They opened with an epic instrumental then rocked out My Bitter End. They played a great new one about City Hall Park then played a blistering We’re Closed. Another great new one followed then they ripped apart Burning Bridges. They closed with a rocking version of Hit but slowed it at the end into a moody bluesy groove. It sounded familiar and I soon realized someone could easily start singing “Let it come on down, in the midnight hour” to it. Amanda Gustafson mentioned that she had never seen them do that, and neither had I.

Blue Button

The sound volume had been creeping up all evening so I moved back a comfortable distance as Dino Bravo VT hit the stage. They rocked hard and loud and opened with an instrumental that reminded me a bit of Drug Laws. They followed with Sugar Coated Candy Stix, then rocked out Pop Music. They teased Cortez The Killer for a bit then settled into Two Car Garage. The harmony guitars of Strawberry Blonde were lovely then they went Past The Mark. They played something about Merry Christmas I Don’t Want To Fight then closed with the Ween classic Birthday Boy.

It was so cool to see so many bands play 30 minute sets. It let each one stretch out a little and still afforded a huge variety of music. The entire night saw the club packed with fun loving people. The club brought in a couple of rounds of free pizza and Ren Weiner brought some of her classic doughnuts. It was a wonderful celebration of a club that has brought lots of great music and community to our lives. Thanks Monkey House!! Keep up the great work!!

Dino Bravo


Silver Bridget at The Daily Planet December 14, 2016

Silver Bridget

I had a great time seeing music a couple of weeks ago at The Daily Planet. I had seen the band two weeks earlier and they said they would play again on Wednesday December 14th. I searched through the local listings and saw no mention of the show, but I was sure that I was right and walked downtown anyway. It was a cold and lightly snowy night, but I was well bundled up and made it there quickly and comfortably. As I approached the restaurant I could see inside that the band was indeed setting up. I grabbed a seat at the counter, got some dinner and a drink and soon enough Silver Bridget started to play. I think they opened with Charade and definitely filled the first set with classics like Nowhere Man, Blue Bayou, Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon, and I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. They closed the 45 minute 10 song set with a cherry Follow The Sun.

The set break was short and then it was time for the longer set 2. They opened with a gorgeous Silent Night and Johnnie Day Durand‘s saw sang it beautifully. They followed with a driving Paint It Black. John Townsend‘s acoustic strumming was strong and Matt Saraca‘s electric guitar added a nice edge. Love Me Tender was sweet and The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down rocked nicely. Somewhere Over The Rainbow was gorgeous then they rocked out Hey Hey My My. They stayed with Neil for Old Man then informed us that She’s Leaving Home. You Got it followed with gusto. Matt’s guitar lit up the rocket launch part of Space Oddity then they kept rocking with All Apologies. Goodbye Yellow Brook Road followed and then they played a lovely version of Surfer Girl. The got a little Crazy after that and they closed the 17 song set with Only Love Can Break Your Heart. It was a great night of music and I love it when I get to hear Silver Bridget play.

Radio Show 189 Thursday December 29, 2016 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG

Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM 107.1FM will run from 9-11pm tonight. You can listen over the air on both sides of the Champlain Valley or from the Facebook link above. It will go as follows:

Song Before: The Stars (Are Out Tonight) – David Bowie


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I want to begin by thanking Higher Ground for sponsoring us. They have New Year’s Eve and the night before New Year’s Eve shows with Madaila coming up soon. Let’s begin tonight with a gorgeous song from a band who played a bunch of great shows in 2016 and should play a bunch more in the new year.

1.) Love Me Tender – Silver Bridget 2.) Can We Go There? – Bethany Conner Music 3.) Day Of The Dead – Hana Zara 4.) Counting On A Ghost – Elephants of Scotland

Elephants put out a terrific album this year called The Perfect Map. Hana played a great show for us this year in Burlington. Bethany is a cool performer with a ton of potential in her future. Bridget are so cool. OK, here is the next song from Shovel Down.

5.) The Snake – Seth Yacovone Band 6.) No Match For Her – The Decentz 7.) You – Screaming Broccoli 8.) The Invisibles – Black Rabbit

That’s from a couple of years ago but Rabbit are rocking hard and strong and should have a great 2017. Broccoli and Decentz are from Burlington’s early ’90’s and early ’80’s and helped create the scene we have now. That’s quite the rocker from Seth and the band. This next song may be my favorite from 2016.

9.) Black 17 – The New Siberians 10.) Last Night – Carraway 11.) There’s A Problem – Mr. Doubtfire 12.) Drug Me Up – Ninja Custodian

Ninja’s music always drags me up when I’m down. Doubtfire put out a great EP this year. Carraway and the Siberians put out tremendous albums this year. This next song is an older one but the band got back together for a show this year.

13.) Finger Prison – Envy 14.) Msp2 – ROUGH FRANCIS 15.) Naomi’s Back – Fire The Cannons 16.) It’s Real Again – Zola Turn

That’s a classic from the ’90’s. Cannons kept us rocking through the early 2000’s. That’s a newish one from Francis. I can’t wait for the new album!! Hmmm, Envy. This woman rocked the ’90’s and is still helping music be made.

17.) Not True – Peg Tassey MUSIC 18.) Papertrain – David Jarvis 19.) Ex-Files – Better Things 20.) The Art Of Giving In – 1881

That’s a song from the brand new and brilliant album Action. Great song from Better who released that earlier this year. Dave’s song is from the ’90’s but he’s back in town making music. It’s always great to hear Peg. This band will light up Higher Ground with fun this weekend.

21.) Children Of The Stars – Madaila 22.) Come Dance – Kat Wright 23.) Piano In Every Room – gneiss 24.) Break – Slingshot Dakota

That’s a song from my favorite non-local album from this year. Besides, SD come and visit us often. Piano is such a comforting song. Great song from Kat’s new album. Same for Madaila. OK, let’s go back a couple of years and rock.

25.) Release The Beast – The Mountain Says No 26.) Willow II – Tyler Daniel Bean 27.) Silver And Gold – Waylon Speed! 28.) Inner Revolution – Adrian Belew

Everyone is excited that Adrian will play ArtsRiot in March. Waylon always put on great rock shows. Great new song from Tyler. Mountain rock hard and will have a new album soon. I feel like I’ve been moving through time tonight so let’s play this one.

29.) Move Through Time – Persian Claws 30.) The Ballad Of Tom Smith – The Skamaphrodites 31.) Shy Spiders – Villanelles

Spiders is one of the great songs from 2016. I want to thank Daniel Bolles for his many years as music editor. Thanks for being such a champion for music in our town, and for taking me seriously. I hope your 2017 brings great new adventures. Well, I’ll be off next week, but I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again the week after next.

32.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit


Songs after: Perfume River (live) – Fish The Old And The Young – MIDLAKE BAND Glow Worm – The Church Band Morrigan – Children in Paradise Paint With The Sun – Arc Iris Cascade – Andriana Chobot Lily (live) – Kate Bush Bridge To Panda Chaos – Zeus Springsteen What’s In California? – Joshua Glass Music regular programming

Radio Show 188 Thursday December 22, 2016 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM 107.1FM will run from 9-11pm US Eastern time Thursday December 22 and will go as follows/

Song before: I Believe In Father Christmas – Greg Lake


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington. I want to thank Higher Ground for sponsoring the station. It’s just a couple of days until Christmas. We are just past the darkest day of the year and the days will, slowly, begin to get longer. It’s time to through a giant party with lots of lights to bring cheer in the darkness. Let’s begin tonight with some local bands talking about the holiday season in their unique ways.

1.) Christmas Sled – The Mountain Says No 2.) Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) – Joshua Glass Music 3.) When The Nights Get Long – Carraway 4.) The Last Carol – The Cush 5.) Holidays – Sarah Blacker

That’s a lovely song by the lovely, and talented, Sarah Blacker. Just a stunning song by the Cush. The Carraway song sounds so right at this time of the year. Great cover of the John Lennon song by Josh. It’s a powerful message of peace and one that we will need in the coming year and years. I really hope Mountain get that sled for Christmas this year. As for me, I don’t want much for Christmas. Some nice songs and a killer guitar solo will be great. Oh look, I’ve got it right here. This is the next song on Shovel Down.

6.) A Question Mark To Answer – Seth Yacovone Band 7.) The Bells of Electric Haloland – Electric Halo 8.) Winter Serenade – Electric Halo 9.) Oh Holy Night – Electric Halo 10.) Paint It Black – Silver Bridget

Great take on the classic Stones song. It seems appropriate at the darkest time of the year. Johnnie Day Durand plays the saw with Silver and is joined by Joe Adler in Halo. Great song from Seth and the band. I just love this next band. They played a stunning show at The Monkey House last week. Here is their Christmas EP Kiss Mess.

11.) It’s Christmas – SWALE 12.) Snow Angel – Swale 13.) Just Another Day (Christmas) – Swale 14.) Hallelujah – Swale

Hmmm Swale. They are loveliness personified. OK, let’s move on to some classics.

15.) Carol Of The Bells – Gordon Stone 16.) Silver Bells – Josh Glass 17.) Silent Night – Tammy Fletcher 18.) Oh Holy Night – Cat Hoffman 19.) The Christmas Song – Motel Brown

Those were all nice takes on classics. Here are some more.

20.) Little Drummer Boy – Aaron Flinn 21.) Frosty The Snowman – Construction Joe 22.) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – Linda Bassick 23.) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Viperhouse 24.) Winter Wonderland – Josh Glass

Those were all nice takes on classics. Here are some more.

25.) Santa Baby – Samara Lark Brown 26.) Merry Christmas Baby – Sandra Wright 27.) Jingle Bell Rock – Sarah Stickle 28.) Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Greg Alexander 29.) White Christmas – Giovanina Bucci

There were some lovely classics in that set. Let’s end tonight with a few seasonally appropriate songs.

30.) Cold – Seth Yacovone 31.) It’s Cold – Black Rabbit 32.) The Bad Year – Carraway

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we? See Ya.

33.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit


Songs after:

A Feast Of Consequences – Fish Children Of The Stars – Madaila Feelin’ Strong – Kat Wright Astronomer’s Call (live) – Kate Bush And Dream Of Sheep (live) – Kate Bush Alone – Children in Paradise Done Waiting – The New Siberians Love Me Tender – Silver Bridget Images – Saga Tantalized – The Church Band regular programming

Radio Show 187 Thursday December 15, 2016 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM 107.1FM will run from 9-11pm US Eastern time and will go as follows:

Song before: Break – Slingshot Dakota


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. As always, I want to thank Higher Ground for sponsoring our station. Let’s begin tonight with a couple of Burlington’s finest artists.

1.) At Least Not Today – Brett Hughes and Kat Wright 2.) Not On Christmas Eve – Eastern Mountain Time 3.) The Last Carol – The Cush 4.) Down In Yon Forest – The Plastic Billionaires 5.) Christmas Sled – The Mountain Says No

Such a great rocker from Mountain. What a lovely and odd take on the classic English carol from Billionaires. The Cush sound so wonderfully lovely. Great song from Eastern. They will be playing at the Monkey House on Saturday. Brett and Kat are so cool. OK, here is the next song from Seth Yacovone‘s great new album Shovel Down. They will release the album Saturday at Nectar’s.

6.) Falling On Deaf Ears – Seth Yacovone Band 7.) Circle K – The New Siberians 8.) Gettin’ High – Heavy Plains 9.) Sometimes We Lie – In Memory Of Pluto

IMOP will get back together for a show on Saturday at the Monkey House. Plains will be there too. Great songs from Seth and the Siberians. On Saturday The Monkey House turns 10 years old and has music all day and night. The three previously mentioned bands will be there. These next four will be too.

10.) The Alchemist – Pours 11.) ComeTooLate – Paper Castles 12.) I Didn’t Know Your Were A Wizard – Colin Nicholas Clary 13.) Little French Earthquakes – Phil Yates & The Affiliates

It will be great to see and hear all of those wonderful bands. Actually, Pours will not be there but Parmelee is half of the band, and he will be there. These next bands will play the show too.

14.) The Next Instead – SWALE 15.) Willow II – Tyler Daniel Bean 16.) Chuck Berry – Dino Bravo VT 17.) Burning Bridges – Blue Button

I’m so psyched to check out all of those bands. The Tyler song is from his new album On Days Soon To Pass. What a great night it is going to be on Saturday at the Monkey House. OK, this next band just had this song included on Rock Band 4.

18.) Constant Disaster – When Particles Collide 19.) Nine Six Nine Two – Carraway 20.) It’s Cold – Black Rabbit 21.) Resurrection In Sanskrit I – Binger 22.) Resurrection In Sanskrit II – Binger

Binger will rock Club Metronome tomorrow night. I had to play the Rabbit song since winter is here and it is cold outside. Yet another great new song form Carraway. Recently, Dan MacDonald left Elephants Of Scotland. Here is an older song by the band he just joined.

23.) Long Way Down – Cell 15 24.) A Different Machine – Elephants of Scotland 25.) Mirror Mirror – Joe Adler 26.) The Call – Swillbillie 27.) The bad Year – Carraway

That is such an appropriate song by Carraway. A lot of bad things have happened this year but some great music has been made. Swillbillie are a fun band. Joe will play Radio Bean on Saturday. Great song from Elephants. I hope they find a great new bass player and keep rocking us. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after: The Perception Of Johnny Punter – Fish Seven Screaming Diz-Busters (live) Blue Oyster Cult Who Are These Gods? – Dam Kat On and On (live) – Michael Schenker Group In The Court Of The Crimson King (live) – Greg Lake Watching Them Without Her (live) – Kate Bush Watching You Without Me (live) – Kate Bush Little Light (live) – Kate Bush Alone In The Nighe – Andriana Chobot Megaphone – Joshua Glass Music

Radio Show 186 Thursday December 8, 2016 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG


Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM 107.1FM will run from 9-11pm US Eastern time and will go as follows:

Epitaph (Including March For No Reason/Tomorrow And Tomorrow) – King Crimson


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. I got out of work a couple of nights ago and looked up and saw Orion. It’s the sign that winter is here and it always reminds me of this song.

1.) Stylus of Id – Somah 2.) When The Nights Get Long – Carraway 3.) Nicky Says – Black Rabbit 4.) East Jabip – REDadmiral

With politics on so many people’s minds lately, Jabip seemed appropriate. It’s the season to rush around like crazy and sometimes it seems like it’s a countdown to meltdown. Thanks for explaining that feeling so well Black Rabbit. The days are getting shorter and shorter so the Carraway song is sounding perfect. Since they first played it back in the ’90’s that song by the short lived Somah always comes to mind at this time of year. OK, let’s play the next song on Seth Yacovone‘s new album Shovel Down.

5.) Caveman Guerrilla – Seth Yacovone Band 6.) A Company Man – Carraway 7.) Lights Of Montreal – Lobot 8.) Summer Falls – Lendway

I miss Lendway. Such a great song. Great song from Lobot that I love to pull out now and then. Zeus Springsteen sometimes play that one. More on that later. Another great new song from Carraway. Such a fun new song from Seth and the band. OK, let’s play some more super new music.

9.) I’m All Right You Say – Anachronist 10.) Nightingale – 1881 11.) It’ll Be Okay – Let’s Whisper 12.) Sri Lanka – Ellen Degenerates

Ellen will be at The Monkey House on Saturday. Great song from the Smittens offshoot. Great new song from 1881. Same for Anachronist. I felt terrible upon hearing of the death of Eric Olsen‘s father. I don’t know what to do or say, so I will just try and tell you all how amazing Eric is. It’s the only way I can think of to honor Eric’s father. Here is a small sampling of what Eric has helped create to fill our ears and hearts.

13.) Good Medicine – SWALE 14.) Armadillo – Swale 15.) Faineant – Swale 16.) You Are Not The Photograph – Swale 17.) Hit – Blue Button

Eric also plays with James Kochalka and Let Loco and likely others. I think Swale have a new album coming soon and are recording a video on Saturday. It’s too bad that I’m working. Those are all such great songs. OK, let’s keep rocking.

18.) The Meanest Song I’ll Ever Write – Milton Busker 19.) American Proxy – The Hero Cycle 20.) Today Is Tomorrow – The Red Telephone 21.) Black Blue and White – The New Siberians

I just love the new Siberians album. Great song by Telephone. If you like that song and are in town, check out The Nancy Druids sometime. Hero played around for a year or so in the 2000’s and I love their songs. Great song from Milton. OK, let’s keep rocking.

22.) The Day I Met You – Dirtminers 23.) Bridge To Panda Chaos – Zeus Springsteen 24.) U Can Love If U Want To – Peg Tassey MUSIC

Great classic from Peg. That’s a brand new song from the mighty Zeus. I’ve seen them a couple of times and love them. I’m so psyched to get more of their music and hopefully see them again soon. Great classic from Dirtminers. OK, there’s not much time left so let’s go out with a nautical theme.

25.) The River – Kat Wright 26.) The Anchor – Carraway 27.) Basalt Anchor – Vedora 28.) Ships – Anais Mitchell

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after: Heart Of Lothian – Fish Sleepwalker – 1881 And Dream Of Sheep (live) – Kate Bush New Love – Andriana Chobot Who Are These Gods? Dam Kat Still….You Turn Me On – ELP C’est La Vie – ELP Parisian Walkways – Greg Lake and Gary Moore

Radio Show 185 Thursday December 1, 2016 9-11pm Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG



Tonight’s local music radio show on WBKM 107.1Fm will run from 9-11pm this evening and will go as follows:

Song before: Goodbye Yellow Brook Road – Elton John


From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington. We’re on the downhill slide to the Winter Solstice and the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Let’s begin with a song from Carraway’s brilliant new album The Bad Year.

1.) When The Nights Get Long – Carraway 2.) I’ll Get Wise – Anachronist 3.) The Worst Part – Bethany Conner Music 4.) Windy Pines – Brett Hughes and Kat Wright

Brett has been a huge asset to the local music scene for many years and he is finally going to make is own first album. I think the whole town is celebrating, and we haven’t even heard it yet. Bethany is a woman wise beyond her years. Anachronist just released a beautiful new album called Lost In The Corners. I’m just getting to know it and I really like it. The same is true for Carraway. OK. I was off last week and hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. On the last show I finished playing the last song from the Invisible Homes album Song For My Double. It’s time to play a new album, song after song, week after week, until it’s done. This artist just released this album and he is a legend in this town. The album is Shovel Down by Seth Yacovone.

5.) Playing Patterns – Seth Yacovone Band 6.) Freeway – David Rosane & The Zookeepers 7.) Spy Song – Pinhead 8.) Christmas Sled – The Mountain Says No

I thought I’d ease my way into the Christmas music season with that rocker from Mountain. Classic from Pinhead. Great song from David and the band. I’m so psyched to play the new Seth album over the next nine weeks. Last Saturday I went to The Monkey House and saw these next three bands.

9.) The Anchor – Carraway 10.) Another Day Closer To Nothing – Grand 11.) Ex-Files – Better Things 12.) Something I Drew – farm

I remember seeing Farm once, late in their career, possibly for the last time at 242 Main. I miss them but two of the guys are in Mountain Says No now and that is cool. Carraway, Grand and Better Things were all brilliant last Saturday at the Monkey. All of those songs were played. On Saturday it’s the last day of operation for 242 Main. It’s been an iconic music venue for as long as I can remember. It will be missed and hopefully it will reemerge soon. There is a party on Saturday to celebrate it and to celebrate music super fan Gary Lane’s 50th birthday. He has been a great supporter of music for many years. Here are some of the bands playing the last 242 Main show this Saturday.

13.) Year Of The Snake – Tyler Daniel Bean 14.) Black Oil – Doom Service 15.) Green Peaks Dark Valleys – Get A Grip 16.) Death Is Just A Door – Vultures of Cult 17.) Blind Pigs – ROUGH FRANCIS

All those bands, and more, are going to rock 242 one more time on Saturday. It should be a great night. Better Things are playing that show too. I remember one day, a long time ago, when I had some free time and saw on Swale’s website they had a show in the afternoon at 242/ I went and found out it was a rock camp thing. They let me in anyway and I sat quietly as the band played a song then talked to the kids about it and the music business then played another and did that for a while. So many great memories.

18.) Waterlanding – SWALE 19.) I’ve Come To Love – Carraway 20.) The Light – Kat Wright 21.) Moving Song – Zola Turn

I loved Zola so much. Great new song from Kat and the band. Another great new Carraway song. Hmmm, Swale. I know a lot of us are on edge about the election. It feels like we might be heading into the lions den. Fortunately, I know a lion tamer.

22.) Lion Tamer – Carraway 23.) Spark – Anachronist 24.) Kentucky – Cricket Blue 25.) Your Eyes – Forest Gray

Great song from Forest. Cricket were great recently at Light Club Lamp Shop and are at the Skinny Pancake tonight. Great new songs form two great new albums. This next band played a beautiful show at the Daily Planet last night.

26.) She’s Leaving Home – Silver Bridget 27.) Julius Caesar – The New Siberians 28.) The Bad Year – Carraway

Brilliant new epic from Carraway. Great song from the Siberians. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?


Songs after: Big Wedge (live) – Fish Emerald – Ace Frehley Mr Reed – Seth Yacovone Band King Of The Night Time World – Kiss The Funny Bird – Mercury Rev Who Are These Gods? – Dam Kat Above The Frequency – Invisible Homes What’s In California? – Joshua Glass Music regular programming

Silver Bridget at The Daily Planet November 30, 2016

Silver Bridget

I had a great time seeing music last night at The Daily Planet. I got going around 7:30 and arrived just before the 8pm start time. I grabbed some dinner and a drink and the lovely Silver Bridget began to play. With electric guitar, acoustic guitar and musical saw they have an ethereal sound and enchant us with well know classic songs. The day had been dreary and foggy so beginning with Follow The Sun was a cheery opener. Can’t Help Falling In Love sounded great in the second spot then they played the first of several songs that I’m sure I know, but couldn’t quite spot. I really need to bring more friends to SB shows so we can figure them all out. They followed with a rocking You Got It then played The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. I missed the next one, loved You’re Gonna Loose That Girl then missed the next one. They played a gorgeous version of Crazy and followed with Goodbye Yellow Brook Road. Appropriately enough, Somewhere Over The Rainbow was up next and they tossed in a couple of note of Hallelujah at the end. Old Man ended the first set on a high note.

The break was super quick and they came back with another song that I missed. I think they said it was a Beach Boys song. They played a fun version of Hey Hey My My then followed with a brilliant version of Paint It Black. Space Oddity kept up the intensity then they regaled us with God Only Knows. Love Me Tender was sweet then they brought back the edge with Creep. She’s Leaving Home sounded great and their version of Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon was fantastic. Surfer Girl had an elegant flow and Nights In White Satin was strong and bold. Starman was enchanting and I missed the song they closed with. I’ve always had a great time seeing them play and last night was another for the history books.

Silver Bridget

Silver Bridget