Big Heavy Takes A Demolition Derby Prize; Ian McCullough Captains Best Appearing Car

Photos by James Lockridge.

Big Heavy World's "#10" came away from the 2016 Champlain Valley Fair Demolition Derby with a giant trophy for Maaco's 'Best Appearance' contest and the chance at running yet another race with new owners. Ian McCullough stoically captained her into the fray, where the cars seemed to eat each other. #10 came out of it partially stove-in but in good enough shape to live on, traveling home with Burnett Scrap Metals, the kind donor of the car to our derby effort. Big Heavy sends extra special thanks out to everyone who pitched in to help make the derby possible and then have fun capturing it for history. Burnett Scrap Metals for donating the car; Center for Technology, Essex for making it run; Magic Hat for supporting its painting; Bond Auto for parts that got the car into the arena; Bee There Towing for getting the car where it needed to go and giving guidance and help to the students and Big Heavy crew; Jason Tooth and Brian Clark for being such generous, talented artists; and Ryan Krushenick for contributing to the inspiration, starting years ago. Double that thanks to Ian McCullough of Reverser for stepping up to — and into — something that in every way was a challenge to be fearless. Ian owned it as a brand-new demo derby driver, and Big Heavy World salutes.

Our experience was helped along with very kind communication from JM Motorsports, and we're looking forward to video of the derby at Seven Days!