Songwriter's Notebook: Rik Palieri Interviews Big Heavy World

Video by Rik Palieri.

Big Heavy World's James Lockridge was recently interviewed by Rik Palieri for an episode of his television program, 'Songwriter's Notebook' at the VCAM studios, now posted at Rik travels the world making friends, sharing music, and making Vermont's extended family bigger. His gifts for eloquence, curiosity and his respect for the creative adventures of others infuse the long-running interview program.

The 'Songwriter's Notebook' is a time capsule of the wide world of American and international music and its makers, and those who play supporting roles in the music industry.  It's featured guests like Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, and Utah Phillips and its recordings were recently acquired by the American Folklife Center for permanent collection at the Library of Congress. Thanks, Rik, for helping us connect with Vermonters and music lovers everywhere!