The Dirty Blondes At Nectar’s May 16, 2016

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music at Nectar’s last night. I got in a much needed post work nap, then got going around 8pm and drove to Shelburne to pick up my brother Ken. We headed back to Burlington and arrived at the club around 9:30. I hadn’t eaten dinner yet so I ordered some food and ate and missed the opening band. I was set and ready to go just in time for the main band.

The Dirty Blondes hit the stage around 10:30 and rocked hard. They opened with Burn and it was clear from the start that the lovely voices of Diane Sullivan and Rebecca Rogers were going to make the show great. Guitarist Jesse Azarian played some wicked leads. Bassist Chris Clark kept they rhythm driving and drummer Ornan McLean put on the usual powerhouse show. They played fast and hard and loud. They rocked Crybaby hard. They taught us to dance with Kung Pao. They kept the rock at peak intensity for Scorned Woman. They eased up a little for the spiritual Hallelujah and the totally original Oh Dirty Blondes. Even though my birthday was last Thursday they still sent me some nice wishes and played Happy Birthday for me. Up next, they turned the music up to full speed for When I’m Drunk. They rocked hard with Slut then kicked out a killer Too Drunk. Jackin’ Off followed then the played the homage to their drummer with Ornan’s song. Ornan had a pretty intense short drum solo in the song before it went into the final verse where they explain why Ornan will always be the drummer for the Dirty Blondes. They wrapped the night with a walk around Burlington with the song Yayo. It rocked hard but as it came to the end, Ornan kept the music driving. After a bit Diane left the stage then Becky followed. The other three kept jamming out. You could tell that Jesse was pretty much done but every time they came to a possible ending point, Ornan just kept going. It was fun to watch and be a part of and eventually Ornan let it go and the band finally finished. 

After the show Ken and I chatted with the band, got some hugs then I drove him back to Shelburne. What a fun night.

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