Vinyl & Turntable Tutorial Video: Norbert Ender at Speaking Volumes

Video by Mitchell Bergeron and Ian Corcoran.

Norbert Ender, owner of Speaking Volumes, walks you step by step through turntable use and vinyl care that will help your gear and records last.

Big Heavy World produced this video for the DJs at 105.9FM The Radiator, our LPFM community radio station in Burlington, Vermont (U.S.A.). We bring our record players to Speaking Volumes to get fixed, where Winfield Holt is the turntable repair Yoda and the shop has a delightful vortex of vinyl, vintage stereo equipment and lightly-used books to explore.

Our volunteer videographer/editors are Mitchell Bergeron and Ian Corcoran. The video was produced with deep thanks to Norbert Ender for volunteering to help create it, and to Burlington College for giving Big Heavy World and The Radiator a home.

Music used in the video is by Michael Chorney & Hollar General, used with permission: