Radio Show 154 Thursday April 14, 2016 9-11PM Eastern US Time 107.1 FM and WBKM.ORG

Words by Tim Lewis.

Tonight’s local music radio show on 107.1FM WBKM and streaming at the WBKM Facebook page featured some highlights of the music that happened in town last week, highlighted a couple of upcoming shows and featured a bunch of new music from a cool Burlington band.

Song before: Almost With You – The Church



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Last week I made it to one of the Hedwig and the Angry Inch shows they did at ArtsRiot. I loved the show and the local band who just rocked. The show had lots of glitter and sparkle and it made me think of this classic Burlington song.

1.) It’s Purple And It Sparkles – Zola Turn 2.) Midnight Radio – Hedwig and the Angry Inch original cast recording 3.) Popular Crowd – Swale.

Swale played the Hedwig after show party and played some great songs, many of them new. I love the build in Midnight which was the ending song from Hedwig. I love Zola. OK, it’s time for the next song on Alpenglow’s album Callisto.

4.) Holiday – Alpenglow 5.) Wally Rides The Ferry – Zoot Wilson 6.) Sun In The Sky – Ninja Custodian 7.) Upstream – The New Siberians

I’m loving that new Siberians song. Brendan Devitt is in the Siberians now and was in Ninja back in the day. I want to dedicate Sun to everyone who is going through a rough time. There is always a sun in the sky and you are a valuable part of the life that keeps moving on. We’re all in it together so help your friends and let them help you when you need it. Classic song from Zoot. What a legend in Burlington. Great new song from Alpenglow that is a bit more rocking than usual for them. This week, Cricket Blue released a new EP called IO. It’s full of legendary imagery and great music.

8.) Angela Carter – Cricket Blue 9.) Eleanor – Cricket Blue 10.) Trouble Come No More – Cricket Blue 11.) Kentucky – Cricket Blue

Wow, what an EP. I just could not pick one song so I had to play it all. OK, it’s the political season. I love the opening line to this song. It’s all about it being OK to disagree and not have to talk about it if you do.

12.) East Jabib (live) – REDadmiral 13.) Feel The Bern – Violint Wednesday 14.) This Land Is Your Land – VT artists

I love the version of the classic song done in honor of Bernie Sanders by a ton of great local musicians. The Bern song has such a nice portrait of life in Burlington. Great song from Admiral. They will be one of the many bands playing at the Monkey House on 4/20. This next artist will be at that show too.

15.) Relax – Joe Adler 16.) Winter Is Over – Apartment 3 17.) Monocacy – Slingshot Dakota 18.) You Took – The Church

Unfortunately, I will miss the Monkey 420 show since on April 20 I will go to the Tupelo Music Hall in New Hampshire and see The Church. They will play all of The Blurred Crusade so I had to play You Took and start the show with Almost With You. I’m so excited. I’m also excited by Slingshot Dakota playing at the Monkey House on May 10. I’m loving their new album Break. Apartment will be at the 420 Monkey show. That’s a pretty cool song. Hmm, I love Joe songs. Let’s keep with the theme, and if this next set makes you want to call your legislators, feel free.

19.) Gettin High – Heavy Plains 20.) Seeds And Stems – The New Siberians 21.) Grandma Betty – Brother Zag 22.) Space Weed Zombies – Wave Of The Future

I love the funky heavy rock of Wave. Great song from one of Burlington’s most obscure singer songwriters. Seeds is from the Siberians first album. Plains are such a great rocking band, especially live. OK, let’s keep rocking.

23.) Poem For Torin/Ethan’s Stoned – Peg Tassey 24.) The Bomb – The Mountain Says No

I may have to head over to Manhattan Pizza after the show and see Mountain. They go on at 11:30. Fantastic song from Peg. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we? Ta ta, farewell, see ya.

25.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit Outro

Song after: 3D – Fish Tantalized (live) – The Church

As always, I want to thank everyone who made tonight’s shop possible. Thanks to:107.1FM WBKMThe Church BandJulia AustinAlice AustinSWALEAmanda GustafsonJeremy FrederickTyler BollesEric OlsenAlpenglowNinja CustodianBrendan DevittTed PappadopoulosThe New SiberiansCricket BlueTaylor SmithREDadmiralJohn BillingsleyGordon GloverKat WrightKelly RavinMarie Claire JohnsonDwight & NicoleFrancesca BlanchardBob WagnerJoe AdlerSlingshot DakotaCarly ComandoTom PattersonHeavy PlainsLuke AwtryMike LuomaWave of the FutureLuke RicherSamara Lark BrownJake StylesJeremy GartnerPeg Tassey MUSICThe Mountain Says NoBen MaddoxJedd KettlerAndrew FrappierBlack RabbitMarc ScaranoDarlene ScaranoJane Boxall PercussionFish, and everyone else!!!

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