Eric George At Radio Bean April 4, 2016

Words by Tim Lewis.

Last week I was looking through the music calendars and was thrilled to see that Hana Zara and Eric George were playing at Radio Bean on Sunday night. Eric had previously posted that he was heading to Nebraska to do some shows with her in the Midwest and I was a little surprised she would come to Vermont first. I saw the listing on the board at the Bean when I stopped in for Caroline O’Connor’s lovely set on Wednesday, so I just thought that was the way it would happen. .

Sunday was a long work day, and I really did not want to go out. Monday is my only early work morning, but the thought of getting to hear Hana’s fantastic songs and to wander through her cinematic lyrics gave me all the motivation I needed to get off the couch and out the door. It seemed a bit odd that she had not posted anything on Facebook about the show, and 10pm on a Sunday seemed like an odd time, but I went anyway.

The walk down was quick and I got settled in about 5 minutes before showtime. The Bean was pretty empty, which seemed odd. After a few minutes Eric announced to the bar that Hana had “cancelled” since she was still in Nebraska. I debated leaving, but got a drink and waited. Paul Comegno and a friend stopped in, due to my post on Facebook about the show. We ended up chatting about Iron Maiden, Waking Windows and potential Cameo Harlot shows in the near future. Eric took the stage and played some songs on acoustic guitar and sang. I was pretty disappointed about the way the whole thing worked out. I hung out for three songs, but when my drink was done, so was I.

I took the quick walk home feeling a little sad, but glad I made the effort in case she had been there.  It just feels like Eric used Hana’s name to bring people out to his show, but I have no way of knowing if that is true.  If Hana was really going to play I’m sure she would have let lots of people know.

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