Ana D'Leon 23 March 2016 on Rocket Shop

Words by Tom Proctor. Photo by Photo James Lockridge/Big Heavy World.

Ana D'Leon joined host Brent Hallenbeck on 'Rocket Shop', Big Heavy World's local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Keep up with Ana at

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Ana D’ Leon certainly wears her heart on her sleeve. Using personal experience and emotional turmoil as her muse she pours her soul into each song to create upbeat acoustic melodies. Through channeling inner demons and spinning unspoken moments into songs she translates her subconscious into powerful riffs, allowing her guitar and her music to be a therapeutic outreach for her mind.

In the studio to talk about her recent creations we had a quick five to discuss new albums, karmic patterns and how she's about to make music her bitch:

Tom Proctor: As an individual you seem very in touch with your spirituality. Does that come across in your songs and if not what are the messages you try and deliver?

Ana D’Leon: My songs are very emotional based, I had an experience in high school and an experience at the end of collage that were extremely powerful. Those experiences were amazing in the short term but then they got me questioning who I am and the Karmic patterns in my life. It was less about change more of a radical acceptance of myself and embracing my own autonomy. My newer songs really reflect these moments and I've really just started to write about these experiences, because for a long time I didn’t have words and it was just emotion. “Creator's Mind” on my second album really touches on these moments.

TP: How is your second album going at the moment?

AD: I've finished that now, had it recorded and put it on SoundCloud. There's currently 16 tracks on there which is a little under half of my repertoire. Its funny because the guitar I use on the album was bought for me by an ex, well the down payment at least. So it's cool to play an instrument that was a gift and to harness the connections that come with it.

TP: At what point did you start creating and producing your own music?

AD: I've been playing for about fourteen years so my style has had a long time to evolve. My music has always come from an emotional place, it's always been somewhat of an escape. Music has given me an opportunity to express myself in a safe way without having to say anything directly to people. It’s a liason for my emotions and I defiantly come out with a lot of music when im going through something emotionally tumultuous. Through the tough times music is there for me, and right now it's really flowing.

TP: Is surge in inspiration contributing to your third album?

AD: Yeah, that thought crossed my mind the other day that i'm now working on my third album. I just started fooling around with a couple of new songs and it's really interesting to see where it goes from there.

TP: So do you have any dates or festivals coming up in the near future?

AD: It's kind of embarrassing, but not really at the moment, I am very much a broke musician so any tour will have to wait for the time being. I'm just putting one foot in front of the other at the moment but at some point I really will make this music thing my bitch (laughs.) I'm trying to go about it in an old school way, I stick stuff online but i'm not trying to promote myself at every opportunity on twitter. Instead i'm doing radio shows and working at studios just trying to make it my own way.