Caroline O’Connor At Radio Bean Wednesday March 30, 2016

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music at Radio Bean Wednesday night. I saw the listing for the show last week so I eagerly anticipated hearing what Caroline MarieO’Connor would play.

I ran into Samara Lark Brown as I approached the Bean, then ran into Eric Segalstad and Joe Adler. Just before Caroline went on, Christopher Larrow stopped in. With everything set to go, Caroline took the stage solo. She played guitar and sang over prerecorded bass and drums. She used lots of loops to created a lush full sound. The set was short, she only played 5 songs, but they were all really good. All of the songs were from her upcoming solo album. They have that flowing powerful sound that graced the second Vedora album, and I really enjoyed all of them. She played Into My Skin, True, one that I missed the title of, Fly and an especially transfixing song called Ritual. 

Even though I really wanted to hear more of her wonderful songs, I was content to realize that the show was what it was. I hope she has a bunch more songs and that her solo album will be great. Judging from what I heard Wednesday, I think it’s a sure thing.

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