The High Breaks At Juniper At Hotel Vermont March 18, 2016

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a fun time seeing music last night. I worked until 9 then stopped in at home quickly. Christopher Larrow had stopped by so I talked him into heading out to the show. We went over to Juniper at Hotel Vermont and caught the end of the first set by The High Breaks. I was stuck in a long line to get a beer and listened casually to the super cool band. They finished off set one with Children Of The Grave. During the break I chatted with the band and bought the new CD. The break was quick and soon the dynamic trio was back on stage blasting out their surf rock delights. Set 2 went as follows:

Symptom Of The Universe Shifty A Walk On Ballard Beach The Salty Shore Banana Seat Hot Dog Sandblaster The Big One Wicked World Sea Chopper Wipeout

Since a few members of the audience were really into the show and demanded an encore, they ended the night with a fun version of Tequila, and everyone sang along. At some point Chris had wandered on, so I took the cool yet happy walk home.

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