The Nancy Druids On WRUV Exposure At the Davis Center At UVM March 16, 2016

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music last Wednesday. I got an invite from the band and another from the host, and was thrilled to be a part of the show. The Nancy Druids were set to play Exposure, the local music radio show at UVM’s station WRUV. The show runs every Wednesday from 6-8pm and the band starts about 6:30. I was running a little late but arrived at 6:10 or so and the band were all set up. Host Dommer Barber and his associate were sorting out the sound and I was able to enjoy the soundcheck. A couple of the stations other friends stopped in, and at 6:30 the band began to play. 

They played several of their gorgeous and powerful songs. Sean Toohey writes the songs and he has a great ear for how a melody can go. Ann Mindell is a heavy hitting drummer and John Franklin glues the songs together as he runs up and down his Rickenbacker. Sean sings all the songs, plays some endearing rhythm guitar and now and then launches a solo into the universe. The room is small at the studio but the sound is full, so I was in a very happy place. The band would play a song, chat a little with Dom, Duane and I, then continue on. Several of their songs are becoming favorites and it was a treat to be so up close and to experience them that way.

They played right up until 8pm, then tore down their gear. I hung out for a bit then took the long happy walk home with wonderfully fuzzy rock songs running through my head.

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