Radio Show 149 Thursday March 10, 2016 9-11PM Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got back from my local music radio show on (currently) internet only WBKM. I highlighted some of the cool music that will be happening in town this week, highlighted some of the music from around New England, and said Happy Birthday to Alice Austin.

Songs before: Jenny – Stellastarr Bury My Lovely – October Project

recording begins

Song before: Flypaper – Persian Claws



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds of Burlington. I usually play a lot of music from bands who play in Burlington and from all over Vermont, but tonight let’s take a trip around New England and check out some cool songs from the past and present.

1.) Two Sleep Arms – Lendway 2.) The Loops (We’re Those Kids) – The Mockingbirds 3.) Uh Oh – Slowdim 4.) Lean In – When Particles Collide

Particles used to live in Maine but have moved to New Hampshire. They will be doing a tour soon, so check them out if you like to rock. Slowdim are from Boston and have some amazing songs. The Mockingbirds were a 90’s band from Rhode Island. That’s such a great song, and highlights the struggle for musicians to be able to get health care, among other things. Lendway were from Vermont and I miss them. Michael moved to California but the other three guys formed The High Breaks and Matt Hagen is in a few other bands too. OK, it’s time for the next song on the album Bernie Sanders recorded with 30 VT artists back in the 80’s.

5.) The Banks of Marble – Bernie Sanders 6.) Feel The Bern – Violint Wednesday 7.) New Atlantis – Aaron Flinn 8.) Flicker Flutter – Alpenglow

That’s another song from their brand new album Callisto. I had to play the Aaron song because it’s so good, and it’s been raining so much today it reminds me of an underwater kingdom. I love the song about Bernie that really highlights how Bernie’s policies, when enacted, can help make a beautiful city and help people get health care, even musicians. The imagery in that song is so clear. I love the song by Bernie that shows how he has kept the same message for such a long time. Unwavering. One of the great musicians to come out of Burlington has a birthday today. Here is a tiny bit of the music that she has brought to this world.

9.) Tastes Like Nothing – Zola Turn 10.) Dragged Around The Universe – Queen Tangerine 11.) Void – The Lavas 12.) Wing To Me – Alice Austin 13.) Left One In The Rain – Alice Austin

I had to play Rain, since it’s been such a damp day. That is from a recent ep. Wing is from her solo album To A Star In The Yard. Alice started in Zola then moved to QT, then The Lavas before heading out on her own. Thanks for all the great music Alice!! OK, this next song has been running though my head lately.

14.) Neighborhood – Black Rabbit 15.) Righteous – Rough Francis 16.) Local Lore – Savage Hen 17.) Bootstrap – Mac Swan & Black Holly 18.) Be Aggressive – Be Aggressive

Aggressive are from Bradford but come up to rock Burlington now and then. Matt Hagen from Lendway plays bass with Holly, and the metal/punk band uses a banjo instead of guitar. Matt also plays bass with Hen who just have bass,drum, and vocals. Great song from the last Francis album. I can’t wait for the next one. Great song from Rabbit. This next band are playing Saturday at Radio Bean

19.) Little French Earthquakes – Phil Yates and the Affiliates 20.) Crow King – Binger 21.) Kids – Wren Kitz 22.) Doris – Wren Kitz

Those are the closing two pieces form Wren’s new album For Evelyn. He is doing a release show for the album tomorrow. Binger are playing tomorrow at Radio Bean. This next band just had their Kickstarter funded and have begun recording their first full album. It can be a wild ride to see if a band gets a Kickstarter funded and I’m so glad they made it. Here is one form their first EP.

23.) Afterall (Glad We Made It) – Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band 24.) Last Love – Myra Flynn 25.) Naive Melody – Strange Machines (W Hayley Jane) 26.) Avalon – Split Tongue Crow

Such a lovely and powerful song from Crow. They are from Rutland. Machines are from Boston and come to Burlington now and then. That was recorded in February this year at Nectar’s. Great song from Myra. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week. Ta ta.

27.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit



Song after: Shadowplay – Fish Paycheck – Slingshot Dakota

recording ends

Lights Of Montreal – Lobot Usual Plays In Heaven/Be Kind And Talk To Me – Active Heed Down By The River/Like A Hurricane – Seth Yacovone Silver And Gold – Waylon Speed Looking For A Place To Happen – The Tragically Hip Vale – Midlake Theme For The Scientist Of The Invisible/Domino – Masters Of Reality On And On – Michael Schenker Group Heroes (live) – King Crimson Lost In America – Alice Cooper King Of The Night Time World – Kiss If Eternity Should Fail – Iron Maiden Kundalini Express – Love And Rockets Arc Of The Curve – Fish Cinderella Search (live) – Marillion So Love May Find Us – The Church Hide Not Your Light – Jane Siberry L’Amour Looks Something Like You – Kate Bush By My Side – Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band Man On The Side – Josh Glass regular programming

As always, I want to thank everyone who made tonight’s show possible. Thanks to: stellastarr* official pagePersian ClawsLa DeeJeremy FrederickLendwayMichael CliffordMatthew Bryan HagenTodd GevryKevin LynamSlowdimAna Karina DaCostaPaul SentzWhen Particles CollideChris VinerSasha AlcottBernie SandersAaron FlinnAlpenglowAlice AustinJulia AustinBlack RabbitMarc ScaranoDarlene ScaranoROUGH FRANCISUrian HackneyBobby Hackney Jr.Julian HackneyPaul ComegnoSavage HenMac Swan & Black HollyBE AGGRESSIVEKeeth MauriceJawknee BrochuPhil Yates & The AffiliatesPhil YatesRaph WorrickJacob BlodgettBingerShakir StephenDalton MuzzyBraden WinslowWren KitzKat Wright & The Indomitable Soul BandKat WrightBob WagnerHayley Jane and the PrimatesSplit Tongue CrowMatt MarroDavid AndersonJane Boxall PercussionFishSlingshot DakotaCarly ComandoTom PattersonChris FarnsworthActive HeedUmberto PagniniSeth Yacovone BandWaylon Speed!Kelly RavinThe Tragically HipMIDLAKE BANDAdrian BelewAlice CooperAce FrehleyIron MaidenMarillionSteven RotheryThe Church Bandjane siberryKate BushJoshua Glass MusicWBKM, and everyone else!!!

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