New Intimate Performance Video Series Launches: Wren Kitz Songs First to Film

Words and video by Brian LaClair.

“Live from Jim's Basement is a live music project designed to show the dynamic musical strength of the Vermont music scene as a whole. All over America, there are video makers working with touring musicians to create stunning live video sessions showcasing their work... in a state that is filled with a wide variety of solo artists and bands, should we not be doing the same for those artists?

Wren Kitz was the lucky guinea pig for the first release, with his songs "Kids" (from the brand new album ‘For Evelyn’) and "Haunted Hole" (unreleased). I hope you enjoy the first videos and I hope it inspires similar projects all around our state.

You can find more of Wren's music at and buy ‘For Evelyn’ on vinyl from"

Videographer Brian LaClair is the singer of Better Things, an advocate for local music, promotes healthy choices for at-risk teens at his day job, and likes to shower daily. He also has access to pretty decent cameras."