Silver Bridget At Radio Bean November 29, 2015

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a nice time seeing music at Radio Bean last night. I worked until 7 then zipped over to the Bean and Silver Bridget were on stage. They played as a trio with an electric guitar, a guy playing acoustic guitar, who used his feet on a bass drum and hi-hat, and the sound was rounded out by Johnnie Day Durand on the musical saw. They played instrumental versions of classic covers. As I settled in the sounds of Nowhere Man were really sweet. They played a Ringo song and She’s Leaving Home. They did endearing versions of Old Man and Harvest Moon. The guitar had a very clean sound for most of the show but he fuzzed it up here and there, most notably on the take off section of Space Oddity. The did an old Mancini song, they played Over The Rainbow and even did a fun version of The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. The band sounded super fine and the saw painted beautiful melodies in the air. I think I missed a couple of songs at the beginning of the show, but got to see most of it. I’m really glad I went. Everyone in the room really enjoyed it and demanded an encore. Work is about to go crazy and I will miss a lot of shows in the coming three weeks, so I’m really glad I put in the effort last night.

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