Voices in Vain 11 November 2015 on Rocket Shop

The Gentlemen of Voice in Vain -- Patrick Boccio - Bass, Scott Mullin - Drums, Dyllan Durham - Guitar, Jeremy Urtz - Vocals, Lucas Tabshey - Guitar (they may not be sitting in that order in the picture)

Bio by voices in vain. PHOTO BY JAMES LOCKRIDGE.

Voices in Vain, shared their massive metal with host Brent Hallenbeck on 'Rocket Shop', Big Heavy World's local music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator.

Voices in Vain will be play as part of Slammin Saturday at Higher Ground in South Burlington on November 28. This is a benefit concert for Big Heavy World so a big Thank You for participating!

Hear more from Voices in Vain and download their EP at voicesinvain.bandcamp.com

"Voices in Vain started as a small side project between long time friends Jeremy Urtz and Lucas Tabshey. They started recording demos for fun in a dorm room at Lyndon State College.

Early in their collegiate career, they met Scott Mullin, Dyllan Durham, and Patrick Boccio through different classes and social situations. After several collaborative attempts with each individual, as well as others, these five came together in the fall of 2014.

After being involved in the creation of the Metal scene in their local community, ViV went on to record their debut EP with Julian Mazzola (Aminals – “Dead Air,” Lions Lions – “Changing the Definition” and many more.) The band embarked on an EP release tour in late August 2014, in which they met success at each show, earning new fans and selling plenty of merchandise.

Ultimately, Voices in Vain is made up of five down-to-earth guys looking to make enjoyable music spreading Social, Global, Economic, and Self-awareness. They want to be different and indescribable, something that is rare in an oversaturated scene. Make sure to check out their 2015 EP and keep your eyes open for future tour dates as well as their debut album."

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