Radio Show 135 Thursday November 12, 2015 9-11PM Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG

Words by Tim Lewis.

It was a bit too late last night, or this morning, to write up last night’s local music radio show on, so here I am now.

Lined up before: The Vigilant Ones – The Cush Delirious – The Church Band Edgar Allen Poe – Lou Reed

recording begins Song before: Symmetry – jane siberry



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. It’s going to be a bit of a short show, since the WBKM birthday party starts at Nectar’s at 9:30 and my show runs 9-11. I’m going to hang out for 30 minutes or so, then play some music from last years party. I had a great time last Saturday at the Radio Bean birthday party, where 80 or so bands played. I caught a lot and had a great time. Let’s begin with one of the bands who played a killer set in the afternoon.

1.) Waiting For You – Swale 2.) I’ve Been Down – Bob Wagner 3.) By My Side – Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band 4.) Good Thing – Maryse Smith

Maryse played a killer set at the party. I did not make it late enough to see Kat and the soul band, but did catch a fantastic set with a woman named Maggie and Kat Wright and Bob Wagner. That’s a new song from Bob that he just sent me. Thanks Bob!! Hmmmm, Swale. OK, let’s continue on through No Need To Beg. There are just a couple of more songs to play until I get to choose another album to play all the way through.

5.) Flicker (Song For Clara) – Phil Yates & The Affiliates 6.) The Night Syd Barret Died – Colin Nicholas Clary 7.) Amble Down – Crater Lake 8.) Gettin High – Heavy Plains 9.) Hit – Blue Button

I missed BB’s set at Radio Bean, but did catch them with Aspero Siacos and Heavy Plains at Finnegan’s the night before. Killer show. There was an article on Noisey about the local music scene that talked about local bands with links to listen to their music. The only one I did not know was Crater Lake so I thought I should check them out. Pretty good stuff. Colin played a great version of Syd at the Bean birthday party. Lovely song from Phil Yates and the band. OK, I’m going to head over to the party. I think Joe Moore is on soon, or now. Here is some music from last year’s party. The first few will be rock songs from Bob Wagner and the Book ‘Em Blues Band. When it starts sounding like Neil Young, that will be Seth Yacovone Band playing as Real Old and Insane Donkey. See you next week.

10.) Intro/Have You Ever Loved A Woman – Book ‘Em Blues Band 11.) Crossroads – Book ‘Em Blues Band 12.) Little Wing – Book ‘Em Blues Band 13.) Bamboozled By Love – Book ‘Em Blues Band 14.) Rocking In The Free World – Real Old and Insane Donkey 15.) Cowgirl In The Sand – Real Old and Insane Donkey 16.) Powderfinger – Real Old and Insane Donkey 17.) Down By The River – Real Old and Insane Donkey 18.) Like A Hurricane – Real Old and Insane Donkey 19.) Hey Hey, My My – Real Old and Insane Donkey 20.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit (since when after Joe’s set I popped back to the station and noticed that the players had shortened the time and the show was going to end early) outro


Songs after: Raingods Danding/Make It Happen – Fish See Emily play

recording ends regular programming

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