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Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only It’s a couple of days before Halloween so time for the scariest and spookiest of local songs.

regular programming lined up before:

Ghost of A Texas Ladies Man – Concrete Blonde Bury My Lovely – October Project Don’t Fear The Reaper (live) – Blue Oyster Cult

recording begins Song before: The Number Of The Beast – Iron Maiden



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. It’s very dark and almost time for Halloween, so tonight I will play some spooky scary songs. This is the time of year when the line between our world and the world beyond is very thin. I usually invite my friend from beyond, Mr E. Ghoul, to join me, but it’s just a little too early and the line between our worlds is still to far to cross. Yes, he is having an issue with Incarnation Dysfunction. There are several ways ghouls can cross into our world. Let’s begin with one of the more fun vehicles.

1.) Voodoo Camaro – Wide Wail 2.) Crazy Hearse – Barbacoa 3.) With The Dead – Vultures of Cult 4.) Oh My God – Sarah Blacker

Nice tale of angels and devils from Sarah. She lives in Salem, MA but comes up to Vermont to haunt us now and then. Fun, seasonally appropriate song from Vultures. Some souls prefer to travel in the crazy hearse and some the voodoo camaro. It’s just matter of choice. Up next, is one of the scariest concepts that mortals can deal with, sarcasm.

5.) I’m Thrilled – Phil Yates & The Affiliates 6.) Day Of The Dead – Hana Zara 7.) Funeral – Dirtminers 8.) Raising The Dead – Carraway 9.) Ninjas VS Zombies – Phil Yates

Such fun tales of terror from Phil and Carraway. Funeral is a cool song from the Miners. Great song from Hana. Hopefully, she will come back and play for us sometime in the near future. Phil and the band will be at The Skinny Pancake tomorrow and will play a set of Elvis Costello and one of their own. They are one of every band in town who is playing in the next couple of days. This is a great song from a classic Burlington artist.

10.) Graveyard Before Dark – Alice Austin 11.) One More Grave – The Contrarian 12.) Gothic Bloodsucker – Zola Turn 13.) Vampyre – Dave Jarvis Band

Classic from Burlington’s ’90’s. The Zola song is from the first album. Killer tune from Casey Merlin Rae who was a writer and musician in town for many years. So, we’ve heard songs about specific beasts like zombies and vampires, so here is one about the generic category of monsters.

14.) Monsters Are Due – Doom Service 15.) Monsters – Cold Sweat 16.) A Place Both Beautiful And Strange – Vultures Of Cult 17.) Demon Moon – Crazyhearse

Killer doom and gloom song from hearse. I love the moody instrumental from Cult. Sweat make the point that monsters don’t have to be supernatural. Great new Doom song. Let’s now turn our sights to magic for a song recorded at the Radio Bean

18.) I Put A Spell On You – Marco Benevento and Kat Wright 19.) Devil – farm 20.) The Death Of Tim Lewis (poem read over the end of Devil and beginning of Devil Knows) – Tim Lewis 21.) Devil Knows My Name – Great Western

Killer version of their new song recorded live at Nectar’s. Great song by Farm about the struggles in life. Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band will be at Nectar’s on Saturday. This song is about a bar that burned down and people died and their ghosts still reside.

22.) Black Cat – Black Rabbit 23.) Ghostified – Persian Claws 24.) Killing Ghosts – Better Things 25.) Ghost Train – Jerichovox

I love the spooky sound of that song. Ghoul called me and let me know some ghosts prefer to take the train to the other side, not just a car. That one is dedicated to him. Killer song from Better. Great rocker from Persian. This next band weren’t around long but played some solid shows.

26.) Planning My Funeral – Poxy 27.) Space Weed Zombies (live) – Wave of the Future 28.) JC And The Beast – The Mountain Says No 29.) Children Of The Grave – Jesus Christ and the Hallucinogenic Allstars

Killer cover of the Sabbath song from the Saratoga NY band who come to town now and then. Mountain and Wave will play at Finnegan’s tomorrow at 10. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town, and that it didn’t scare you too much. Goodbye. Sayonara.

30.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit outro


Song after: Crucifix Corner – Fish Please Mr Gravedigger – David Bowie

recording ends War Pigs – Black Sabbath Child In Time – Deep Purple New Orleans Is Sinking – The Tragically Hip Time Of The Season – The Zombies Detroit Rock City – Kiss Hells Bells – AC/DC End Of The World – Gary Moore Hallelujah The Hills – Hallelujah The Hills Funeral In His Hear – October Project Day Of The Dead – The Church Band Burning Times – Rumors Of The Big Wave Don’t Talk To Strangers – Dio Wake The Raven – Kimberly White Project The Raven – read by Willem Defoe Edgar Allen Poe – Lou Reed Violence – Peg Tassey MUSIC Whiskey Man – Arc Iris Welcome To My Nightmare/School’s Out – Alice Cooper Forgotten Sons – Marillion All Lovers Are Deranged – David Gilmour Old Souls Of Chatham County – Jeremy Gilchrist – Singer-Songwriter Megaphone – Joshua Glass Music Dear God – Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band regular programming

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