Call to Artists: Join the (Free) VT Alliance of Musicians and Presenters

Big Heavy World’s been building resources to share with Vermont’s musicians, and bringing VT musicians together, for 20 years. We’ve grown from a labor of love in the living room of a band house into a nonprofit independent music office with volunteers from across the country. We’ve found friends that help us help our music community, and gathered a family that cares about each other. As we’ve grown, our responsibilities have, too. We’ve learned that by working together we can accomplish dreams. We have the opportunity to build on what we’ve started — to grow deeper roots for and reach higher for Vermont’s musicians and the people who love the music you share.

To keep succeeding in opening doors and having the conversations that bring awareness and respect for Vermont’s original music of all kinds, we need your wisdom. Your voice, telling us your desires as artists and your vision for improving how Vermont serves its aspiring musicians, is needed and this is the call to share it.

Please connect with us at so we can share our upcoming projects with you, and you can be the spirit of what we build next for VT music.

Joining in doesn’t cost anything; we’re building bridges between us that include everyone. We’ll be sending our first AMP VT newsletter out soon with information about our new tour van, our upcoming 2016 SXSW VT Music Showcase, a poll about the next All VT Music Summit, and more.

Our volunteers have had passion for Vermont’s music scene - for Vermont’s musicians - for two decades, and you sustain that love with your work as an artist. Thank you for all you do, and for taking the easy but important step of connecting with us at We’re looking forward to creating the change you want, and making Vermont an even better place to make music.

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