The Mountain Says No At Radio Bean July 11, 2015

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music last night. I worked until 7 then hung out at home for a bit and fell asleep around 9pm. I set the alarm for 11 and woke up in a haze. I almost just fell back asleep, but the knowing that The Mountain Says No were set to play just before midnight gave me the push to get up and out the door. I arrived around 11:55 and the bar was pretty empty. I grabbed a stool at the corner of the bar, and soon enough, the band went on. They opened with a killer Ricky The Rider, including that section at the end where they kick the speed up a notch, and I was elated. They followed with Come And Decide and continued to play most of their album JV. A couple of songs into the set Samara Lark Brown and Jake Styles from Wave of the Future showed up with a friend. They enthusiastically danced their way through the set, not unlike pagans dancing around a fire, and really added a lot to the vibe of the show. Linda Bassick stopped in later in the show. I took it easy on the ankle and stayed seated but still managed to bop around a bit. The band were undaunted by the small crowd, perhaps because everyone who was there really wanted to be there, and were on fire from first note to last. Jedd Kettler hurt his eye recently, and looked super cool with the eye patch, but if you just listened to the band there was no indication of anything but perfection. King Grifter was beautifully over the top. Long Term Sermon surged with that heavy riff. Glazer Beam was magnificent and may be my new favorite Mountain song. They played a very intense hour of music then kicked the night with a killer version of the Bomb. When they had wrapped up, I said a quick goodbye and took the long walk home. I returned to dreamland, delighted by my side journey to the waking world.

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