Swale At Signal Kitchen June 26, 2015

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music last Friday at Signal Kitchen. I had to work until 7, and she show was scheduled for 7, but the band was not on until 9, so there was plenty of time. I talked Christopher Larrow into going and he arrived just after 8. We headed out around quarter of nine and were in and ready for the band. The party was thrown by the makers of a new app called divvi. They had a few people involved speak about it and it sounds like a way to connect people to things they want and need and might be a step from moving away from the concept of brand. I’m still without a smartphone and appless so I was curios but not fascinated. That said, it was interesting to hear about, and it was their party and I was a guest. The show was free to the public and Divvi planted a tree for everyone who showed up.

The half full room focused its attention on the band as Swale took the stage and emitted a beautiful version of Soul Piggy Bank. They upped the energy a bit with Cancer, which has that huge build. I think it was Popular Crowd next, which is always high energy fun. After that, they said they had a new one. I missed the name, but it had a funky groovy sound with a non-stop mega-intense guitar riff driving it along. I love when my favorite bands pull out great new songs! Joyless was gorgeous and powerful as always. Beaten Down rolled along nicely then they followed with a stunning cover of Maybe I’m Amazed. Amanda Gustafson sang her heart out and the room was very impressed. As their set drew towards a close they pulled out the melange of War Pigs and Runaway. They kept things at full throttle for Everyone Likes To, which I incorrectly though would end the night. Amanda sang an oddly paced gentle cover that I did not recognize, in honor of the Supreme Court’s ruling saying it was against the Constitution to make a law to prevent gay marriage. The band followed the song though its curves nicely, then they said good night. Richard, the “Chief of Crazy Ideas” who hosted the party, asked for an encore and the crowd readily agreed. Amanda took the mic and belted out a killer Rebel Girl and the band were on fire as they charged through it.

What a wonderfully easy evening it was. The show was free and they planted a tree for all of us. We got to learn about some new way to connect to people and Swale, Swale are all you need!!

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.