Aaron Flinn At Radio Bean June 2 And The High Breaks At Jazzfest On The Top Of Church St June 10, 2015

Words by Tim Lewis.

I’ve been slacking about writing about shows that I’ve seen lately and wanted to write about a couple of them. On June 2nd I had the day off as my floating holiday for working Memorial Day. Aaron Flinn was set to play at Radio Bean opening for Honky Tonk Tuesday. I took the quick walk over around quarter of 9 and arrived as he was setting up with a bass player. I’ve mostly seen Aaron play acoustic lately, but that night he brought the electric and he and Tom Carvey played a pretty intense set. Aaron is a killer guitar player and did a lot one hand soloing, and just generally threw his hands towards the strings and made the sounds he wanted emerge from them. Tom was pretty amazing too and was able to bend a few notes just by his handling of the bass guitar. It was quite the sight to absorb. Of course, with a killer guitarist and bass player, I was kind of wanting a drummer to push things over the top, but thoroughly enjoyed the show nonetheless. After the show I said a quick goodbye and Aaron mentioned they would be playing with a drummer soon. I can’t wait.

The next week was Jazzfest and very rainy and I did not make it out to much. I have Wednesday’s off so when I saw The High Breaks were playing on the stage at the top of Church St as part of the event, I had to go. I walked around a bit and heard a bit of jazz at various places on Church st, but nothing that caught me. I stopped in at the OP for a drink and headed back to the show and the band were on. With slick grey suits, dark sunglasses and a mellow but fun attitude they alternated surf rock songs with Matt Matthew Bryan Hagen droll and funny comments. He introduced most of the songs with a fun story and the trio played like crazy. Kevin Lynam‘s bass was rock solid and Todd Gevry‘s drumming was quick and powerful. Matt’s guitar lead the set through a mix of originals and classic covers and it was quite fun. The weather was threatening but there was only a misty rain now and then. They played a killer first set, and fun as it was, I was a bit damp and tired and skipped out on the second one. It was a cool time and I’m glad I put in the effort.

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.