Farewell, Worthy Steed! May We Meet Again In The Really Big Garage In The Sky!

Words and photos by James Lockridge.

'HEAVY 1', the first of the BHW tour van fleet, has found its home in the sky. HEAVY 1 was respectfully loaded up by Armand Rathe and given its final rest at Rathe's Auto Salvage last week. Big Heavy sends big thanks to everyone who helped make the BHW loaner tour van project possible. The vans brought Vermont bands from one side of the country to the other, from Canada to Florida, and opened up the possibilities for sharing what we've got with the lucky venues across the United States. Vermont bands might not have voyaged that far without the no-cost 15-passenger vans and the project was too fun and successful to end now, so we've started the hunt for 'HEAVY 3.'

Van & Rathe's