Countdown to SXSW: Zeroing in on Zero Circle

Words by Eva Weber.  Photos by Sophie Ward.

On Friday I met with Zero Circle, the up-and-coming Burlington-made rock band that packs a punch. Meet Matthew St. Gelais, Rafe Bouchard, TJ Maynard, and Tyler Gurwicz. These four have been playing together since their formation a year and a half ago. While they have been in previous groups together at one time or another, the planets aligned and the friends were finally all free to embark on a music project together.  That project is Zero Circle.

Zero Circle & The BHW Crew

Matt, Rafe, TJ, and Tyler are a playful bunch; during the photoshoot they did some goofy shots and played around. They seem close, and they confirmed this when they described how they all write the songs for Zero Circle. It's a collaborative writing effort, fundamentally supported with the trust that they will all be honest about their ideas; more and more their styles are becoming "one sound." Writing inspiration comes from themes of good vs. evil, forging your path, happiness, and everyday life. For him, Tyler says, "writing is cathartic."

Zero Circle

Zero Circle describe their style as "melodic rock," a departure from what the band has played in the past, but in the same vein. They happily agree that they are still evolving. As for the future, the band says it's mostly a secret, even from them. They want to do their own thing, form their own style. They don't really know what's going to happen, and they're excited.

This will be the first time at SXSW for Zero Circle. On the horizon for them lie the inspiration of seeing other bands, and making musical connections. Though they admit there's a pressure to representing the great state of Vermont when they travel to Texas in March, the band feels it's an honor.