105.9FM 'The Radiator' Gets A Techectomy, Becomes Atomic Giant

The photo above is Mike Sequin, Vermont Public Radio Broadcast Engineer. Mike helped us dial-in The Radiator’s new transmitter this weekend, building a cable, taking RF measurements, and doing the math that provides the settings that keep us square and broadcasting as powerfully as possible. Kyle Rose also came by to introduce us to our new digital soundboard, and volunteers Chad Loseby and Aaron Minard worked on updating our Emergency Alert System. With Brian Dewey and Ryan Canaday bulldozing the path for everyone (which looked like hanging from the ceiling by one hand with a power drill in the other...) we installed all new cables in the station, expanded our microphones, got our streaming HD studio video almost reconstituted, installed monitor speakers, and are feeling better than new now. Burlington’s community radio station is making the big investments that give our city a real voice, for its people and its music. You can help, too — support community radio at our donation page! Our old transmitter failed in a ball of glory and an emergency loan got us on the air with a new one, but we still have to raise the funds to pay for it. You're how that happens!