Abbie Morin: 21 Jan 2015 on Rocket Shop

Words by Jess Slayton. Photo by Sophie Ward.

On Wednesday, Abbie Morin and Tom Pearo of Abbie Morin sat down with Brent on Big Heavy World’s local music radio show Rocket Shop on 105.9 The Radiator!  Abbie Morin, who happens to be both a person and the band, just released her first album “Shadowproof.”  The seven-track album was recorded with Signal Kitchen’s Dave DeCristo, who also helped Morin, a 24-year-old New Hampshire native, to put the band together.  Although the whole band was not present for the show, we got to know Morin and Pearo and were also lucky enough to hear a few of the tracks off of “Shadowproof” live.  As I sat by and observed the two playing together, I felt that the connection they had first with their instruments and second with one another was electrifying.  The energy radiating through the intimate setting was tangible, and Morin’s music definitely left me at a different, better place than I was before they started playing.  Although she has been playing guitar for 13 years, Morin’s foray into Burlington’s music scene is recent—after studying acting and poetry at Plymouth College, she decided that she no longer cared to perform other people’s work, but instead to combine all of her work and begin performing her own.  After moving to Burlington a year ago, the self-described “aggressively-friendly person” played with many different artists before finding her soul mates in Pearo, DeCristo, Leon Campos, and a few others.  Pearo stated that when Morin approached him to try playing together, he too was tired of playing music that wasn’t his own, and had decided that his next goal as a musician was to play in a duo with a female vocalist, so the collaboration opportunity came at a great time.  He also said that he was blown away by Abbie, particularly by her ability to work in tempo changes as seamlessly and fascinatingly as she does.  Abbie Morin has had a January residency at Nectar's every Wednesday—the final show is next week, so whether you haven’t seen them yet or you’ve been every week, you won’t want to miss it. [powerpress]