Near North: 14 Jan 2015 on Rocket Shop

Words by Eva Weber.  Photo by Sophie Ward.

Chris, John, and Joe are Near North from Burlington, Vermont. They joined Brent on air on Wednesday for Big Heavy World's weekly local music hour on the Radiator! Near North, the rock Americana band, had its beginnings long ago but this trio has been jamming together for four years, when two friends began playing together. Near North enjoys playing at venues in the Vermont area and beyond, most fondly referring to the "homey" atmosphere of the Monkey House and the coolness and intimacy of Radio Bean. While Chris was the original mind and voice behind the band, writing about "drinking and sadness" and the downfalls of love, he described a new process which allows the band to fuse ideas and create a more integrated sound. As a "conscious diversion" from the themes of past material, the trio is excited about their new song about zombies, the beginning of a new direction of experimentation, a regional tour, and a new album due out soon.  Catch the band soon in Burlington.