The DuPont Brothers: 7 Jan 2015 on Rocket Shop

 Words by Eva Weber.  Photos by Sophie Ward.

On Wednesday, Vermont brotherly duo The DuPont Brothers sat down with Brent for Big Heavy World's weekly local music radio hour, 'Rocket Shop,' on the Radiator here are Big Heavy World! Sam and Zack are brothers who grew up playing music and have played their Vermont folk-Americana together since they reconnected in March 2013. Sam and Zack clearly have a fraternal bond that carries effortlessly into their music. Both brothers write songs, but their individual sounds have been blending into a more singular vibration that encapsulates both; Sam modestly told us about his progression as a musician while learning to play with someone else, calling it an "evolution." He also spoke fondly about one of his chosen instruments, his mother's guitar which he plans to play for years to come. His quiet, serious air is complemented eloquently by his brother's comedic charisma. Zack joked about the first time the two played together, an endeavor they conceded never to make again.  Luckily, they went back on their vow and have been playing all over the country for the past two years. Recently they have started playing with a band, a supplement to the brothers that creates "haunting" new sound. Their goal is to continue haunting with the band and hopefully all go on tour in the future. The DuPont Brothers have a new album coming out and will be playing at the SXSW festival in Austin this March. Until then, check them out, or catch them at Radio Bean in Burlington on January 17. [powerpress]