New Crew!

Sophie, Eva and Anneliese are our new Big Heavy World Interns! Anneliese has her roots in Forest Hills, New York where she majored in voice performance at LaGuardia High School in Manhattan.  She graduated last year and began studying music at Bennington College, where she writes and performs her original music.  Anneliese works as an outreach intern as a part of the Big Heavy World Crew, garnering attention for local bands.  The most recent artists on her playlist are Sharon Van Etten, Mac DeMarco, and Father John Misty.  Her favorite food is hummus.20150106-IMG_2230

Meet Eva, a first-year student at Bennington College from snowy Rochester, New York, studying literature.  She enjoys kitting, reading, finger painting, children's books, Stanley Kubrick, jumping around, inspecting moss, and talking to insects.  Eva is a writing intern on the Big Heavy World crew, talking to bands and artists.  Her writing has been published in Galaxy Art and Literary Magazine and other publications.  Recently she’s been listening to DIIV, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Delicate Steve, and local Rochester band Skirts.20150106-IMG_2266

Meet Sophie from Saratoga Springs, New York, just over the border.  She went to a Waldorf school and now attends Bennington College.  She’s currently exploring her interests, but finds herself geared towards visual arts.  At Big Heavy World, Sophie is a photojournalism intern, taking pictures of the DJs and bands that come in and play.  In her free time she likes working with her hands; crafts, knitting, painting, drawing, and woodworking, and beekeeping in her backyard.  Her most played song on iTunes is Ignition by R. Kelly.


Morgan is a hip lady from Franklin, Vermont.  She graduated from Burlington College with a degree in photography and has lived in Burlington for eight years. She has been doing freelance photography since 2007 and volunteering at Big Heavy World since 2009.  Currently at Big Heavy World, Morgan does concert photography and coordinates with volunteers.  Most recently she’s been enjoying local hardcore/punk shows in the Burlington area. Morgan is not an intern though. She is working with Big Heavy World via Americore helping with day to day operations and supervising interns.20150106-IMG_2246

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