Dino Bravo And Savage Hen At Club Metronome December 18, 2014

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music at Club Metronome that Thursday night. I did my radio show on Wbkm Dot Org from 9-11 then ran the couple of doors down to the club. There was a huge noise coming out the door and it just got louder and louder as I walked up the stairs. I had missed the Miss Fits but Dino Bravo VT were on stage and rocking hard. I hoped I could catch a couple of their songs, but they were running a bit late so I was lucky enough to catch a bunch of them. They rocked hard on Sugar Coated Candy Sticks and Two Car Garage. They said they did not have any Christmas songs, so they rewrote the lyrics to My My, Hey Hey, switching the heys for hos and fun was had by all. Chris Farnsworth played some stunning leads as the band sang Hey hey, my my Santa Claus will never die, and stuff like that. I thought that might wrap it up, but they kicked out a killer Strawberry Blonde with Chris and Matt playing sweet harmony lead guitars. They wrapped the set with Past the Mark and that was that. What a killer set.

Up next was a band I’ve been meaning to catch for ages. Savage Hen took the stage with some heavy sludgy rock. They are a three-piece with a singer, Matt Matthew Bryan Hagen on bass, and Jeremy Gartner on drums. What? No guitar in a metal band? What? The music was heavy and dark and completely depended on Matt to turn the rock into songs. He did a great job. Jeremy pounded the drums with a Sabbath intensity. His head was down the whole time with arms and hair flying. The singer growled out songs about squid attacks and fun stuff like that. They tossed in a couple of Christmas songs. I think one was a vicious Jingle Bell Rock and they made the idea of Santa Claus coming to town something to be feared and dreaded. The set was short but nothing but fun, and I can’t believe I waited so long to make it out to see them.

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.