The Dirty Blondes At Club Metronome October 31, 2014

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music Friday night at Club Metronome. I worked until 7 and the show was set to start at 8. I did a quick turnaround at home and took the pleasant walk downtown. The club was decked out in spider webs and the medium sized crowd was enchantingly costumed. I chatted with Ornan McLean for a bit, but soon enough it was time for the show. The band hit the stage hard will a killer version of Burn. I’m not sure if they have locked in the playing a bit more, or the person doing sound had everything just right, but they sounded as great and powerful as they ever have. Rebecca Rogers was the devil in black hair with a ’70’s bell bottom jeans look. Diane Sullivan was the devil in red with horns and a cape. They had the audience dancing as they played epic versions of Crybaby and the gotta do the dance move for Kung Pao. All of the songs took their time to unfold and really drove home how powerful they are. The voices were in top form and the show was brilliant fun from first note to last. A ways into the set it seemed like they were short on time and skipped a couple. They jumped into a killer version of Ornan’s song and wrapped the night with an epic That New Guy Is Not James Bond. Despite the time, the audience demanded another. They obliged with Drunk and called it a night. 

Shortly after the last note rang out, I settled up and headed out the door. There was a ton of great music happening that Halloween night, but I was in a really tight spot money-wise and had to limit what I could do. I had to whittle down the list of what I could and could not make, and this show was on the cannot miss list. I’m so glad I made it happen.

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