Black Rabbit: 15 Oct 2014 on Rocket Shop

Words by Wes Silver. Photos by James Lockridge

Black Rabbit

Marc and Darlene Scarano from Black Rabbit joined Bolton in the Radiator studio for Big Heavy World's 'Rocket Shop' local music radio hour tonight! Find more at

After pursuing their love for the lake and mountains a young couple by the names of Marc, and Darlene Scarano decided to leave their haven in Saratoga, New york. They now reside in Burlington, Vermont, and shortly after arriving they teamed up with Jane Boxall to form a new band that goes by the name of Black Rabbit. Yes, that was Black Rabbit folks, not Black Sabbath, and now that you’re familiar with them it’ll be easy to find them in music libraries just above the famous English rock band, says the lead guitarist. Anyhow, Big Heavy World was lucky enough to have the trio take over the “Rocket Shop” local music radio hour. What was discovered during their time on air is that together, with Marc Scarano on guitar, Darlene Scarano on bass, and Jane Boxall on drums they all create an undeniable force to be reckoned with. They played their first show at the Radio Bean, and since then have been able book gigs all around the city of Burlington. You can find them playing at venues like Club Metronome, or The Monkey House, and even more unique places such as the basement of Big Heavy World’s Executive Director, Jim Lockridge. Wherever you find them next though it’s sure to be a dynamic, high octane, and lifted experience that will leave the crowd amped and cheering for more.

Now, normally when you think of bands it can be assumed that they’re all over the place, and don’t have much time to build local roots. This group flips that paradigm upside down, and just being a part of the local scene fills them joy. Their music seems to draw in good people, and so the network of garage, punk, and pop bands alike has definitely gained another inspiring source. Establishing themselves in Vermont will be essential to their future success, and with the husband-and-wife duo leading the charge there’s no telling just how far they will go. So, if you want to get down with these up and comers be sure to catch the trio at their next shows. Specifically, on October 30th at The monkey House, and the 31st at Charlie O’s. Both nights are sure to be a blast as the heavy hitting band performs live in Halloween costumes, which will be unique, and different for each spooky night. If you can’t make it to the stage though be sure to check out their website for all of the trios music releases, such as their recent Lipstick and Dynamite album. You’ll also be able to find the bands upcoming shows on that site, as well as their social media pages where fans can show support, connect, and continue to spread the word about a trailblazing dynamo in the queen city. Thus, it was a pleasure having Black Rabbit in the Radiator Studio, and we wish them luck in all of their future endeavors. Find more at

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