Pours And The Vacant Lots At The BCA Center In Burlington, VT October 16, 2014

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music at the BCA center the other night. It was a Thursday, so I went to WBKM and lined up all of the music for my radio show. I recorded all of the breaks and put them in the queue and took the walk down Main st, turned up Church st and walked up the stairs to the BCA center. Colin and the Clarys had finished up and Pours were mostly set up. I hung out for a bit and soon enough they hit the stage.

Pours are a keyboard/vocals and drummer duo. The music is smooth and poppy. The singer had a welcoming voice and the music had a nice flow. The drummer was great and used different beats to lead the songs, while the keys and effects filled out the sound. The crowd caught the groove and the music was easy and fun to sway to. Songs like Unveiled floated along in a trancey swirl with steady drums that could turn on a dime. It, and the whole show, made a nice atmosphere to exist in. Songs like the closer, Knuckles, were more challenging, and were lots of fun too. Their set was not long, but very enjoyable. 

There was a short break but soon enough, THE VACANT LOTS were set up and ready to go. Jared Artaud played an electric 12-sting and Bryan had a trunk full of electronics and one cymbal. He released lots of layered beats and Jared rocked the guitar hard. A screen behind them started some very trippy visuals as they lit into the heavy droned out rock flow of Never Satisfied. Jared wickedly jammed his guitar at the end, and song after song took us deeper into their psychedelic world. They played much of the Departure album, and the pace was flowingly fast for most of the night. They slowed it down a little for Paint This City, but most of the show was a wonderful quick paced zone drone. They alternated deep dark vocals, and created an effect that seemed much more than just two guys on stage. I was in heaven from the first note until the ending of 6AM. I’m so happy I put in the effort.

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.