Milton Busker At Radio Bean September 20, 2014

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing Music on Saturday night. I got out at 5:30, hung out at home for a bit, then took the happy walk to Radio Bean. I arrived just before 7 and got in and settled. Milton Busker already had his acoustic guitar and mic set up, and he took the stage exactly on time. He opened with Ordinary Day and the small but dedicated audience was quiet with appreciation. His next song was a gentle instrumental, and it took a moment to realize the extra keyboardish sound was coming from a foot pedal. He brought the pace up a little with Jesus In Chains, then pulled out the playful All The Same To You. An intense version of Dogs At The Door put me into a state of pure bliss. He followed with a great cover, that I did not know, then pulled out a couple of new songs. I think the first was something about the Devil’s hand, and the second was called Ode To Apathy. Both were quite good. As the set progressed he moved from some very quiet songs, through some nicely mid-tempo ones then pulled out one that was completely over the top. By listening closely to the quiet parts, I was able to soar when he brought guitar and voice through the roof. After that, he played a couple more to wrap up the set, including a sappy song for his wife. His songs are catchy, well written and fun to be around when he is playing them. I’m so glad I put in the effort to go.

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