Call to Artists: Big Heavy World to Showcase Vermont Bands at SXSW

Photo: Tye Truitt.

SXSW (“South By Southwest”) is America’s best-known music festival, hosted in Austin, Texas from March 17 through 22. Over 25,000 industry representatives and musicians from all over the world attend, plus nearly 3,000 media members and thousands of music lovers. With thanks to SXSW, Big Heavy World will be hosting a showcase of Vermont bands and musicians, bringing Vermont’s music to the heart of it!

Big Heavy World has dedicated almost 20 years to helping Vermont musicians find success, on their own terms, with independence and pride in their uniqueness. The SXSW showcase is a chance for Vermont bands to experience this in the extreme.

What you need to know: Vermont showcase participants will be chosen from artists who have been accepted to perform at SXSW and have joined the ‘AMP VT’ Vermont Alliance of Musicians & Presenters:

1) Apply to perform at SXSW before October 10 at (There is a fee).

2) Let us know you want to be considered for the showcase on the AMP VT sign-up page at (No cost to jump in there - it’s an inclusive social group that gets first word of Big Heavy World projects. It’s also a mainline to BHW HQ for influencing our work to build resources for Vermont’s music community).

3) Standby! SXSW will let us know which Vermont-based artists are accepted to perform at the music festival. Big Heavy World will pull together a panel of trusted personalities from the music and media industries to program four bands into the showcase lineup, aiming to represent Vermont’s talent and diversity.

From the SXSW web site: “SXSW hosts acts in every stage of their development, including music legends such as Dave Grohl, Stevie Nicks, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, LL Cool J, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Depeche Mode. Join the ranks of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mumford and Sons, Florence and The Machine, Alabama Shakes, Kendrick Lamar, The Strokes and so many more, by benefiting from career changing exposure and publicity provided by the amazing mix of influential participants who attend SXSW every year.”

SXSW is the country’s biggest music party - it’s an adrenaline boost, and a chance to make some next steps with your band’s adventure in the music industry. From the perspective of Vermont’s brand-builders and cultural heritage tourism players, it’s an unexplored territory that can help Vermont’s music become a brighter beacon to the state.

Vermont bands step up to SXSW 2015! Remember, the deadline for applying to perform is October 10!