Rocket Shop 6/25/2014: Meg Cossaboom & Crazyhearse

On June 25th I was lucky to host Rocket Shop for the first time, a broadcast that featured plenty of awkwardness and stuttering among two great guests with exciting events and milestones to discuss. My first guest, the lovely Meg Cossaboom, had no problem looking past my radio greenhorn status in order to plug her then-upcoming performance “Unveiled My World” at Temple Sinai in South Burlington. The concert, which was composed using music across every album created by Cossaboom, was not sung by her at all, but rather twenty-one guest singers who were backed up by eight guest musicians. While she couldn't allude to it during our interview, the event was huge success and may warrant a sequel of sorts in the future. Crazyhearse calming down for a moment.

My second guest was a band that had been around the block and back, the energetic Crazyhearse, who was in to promote their fifth record Tornadic Beige, as well as their record release shows for it and the crazy folk-punk sound that they were more than happy to share with me. Sharing two songs from their new record as well as an acoustic track at the end of the show, the diversity of their sound varied from folk to punk even with some electronic influences thrown in for good measure. They are currently wrapping up their tour in North Carolina before returning to Radio Bean on September 23rd. All in all, their visit was enlightening and exciting to be a part of for my first time guest hosting Rocket Shop.