Local Punks Play Second Stage At Summer Nationals

Words And Photos By Morgan Laurie-Day

Excitement was in the air. Punk shirts from the 90's and beyond could be seen streaming slowly down to the Water Front. Mohawks and tattoos. Sneakers and army boots. The line began to stretch all the way to the Echo Center as people excitedly queued up to get in. The Summer Nationals tour had arrived in Burlington in full force. The lIne up for the main stage that evening included heavy hitters in the world of punk rock. The Vandals, Pennywise, Bad Religion and The Offspring. Opening second stage for any one of these bands would be a dream come true for any young musician.


The locals started the night up on the second stage in the back near the skatepark. Burlington based Poxy was up first sounding like true garage band punk.


Burlington's own Better Things kicked off set number two with their own brand of punk rock. The crowd poured across the lawn after The Vandals to get in on the fun.

Better Things

Pennywise got the pit going in between second stage sets.

Pennywise Pit

Burlington's As We Were was up third on the Big Heavy stage. Self described hardcore punks brought so much energy to the stage.

As We Were

Rutland based Get A Grip closed out the night on the Big Heavy stage. The crowd came out in force to meet them. I was impressed again and again by the presence and energy that the Vermont bands gave off on stage. Opening for national acts is a once in lifetime chance and these musical young people held nothing back.

Get A Grip

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