Jazzfest Wanderings Pt 2 June 6 2014

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had been working a lot through the busy spring, and needed a day off, so I took off Friday as my floating holiday for working Memorial day.  I thought it would be a good day to check out some of the jazz that was blanketing Burlington.  I headed out in the early evening and ended up at Nectar’s.  I caught a band called Greenbush playing in their window.  With guitar, bass and drums, the trio sounded nice and smooth.  I appreciated most of their music, but a couple of songs lit me up a little.  The musicianship was solid, but the style was a bit out of my comfort zone.   After a few songs, I headed up to the top block of Church St.

Josh Panda and the Hot Dammed were playing some funky, countryish rock and roll.  With Steve Hadeka on drums, and Lowell Thompson on guitar, (I missed the bass and keyboard player’s names) so the musicianship was through the roof.  The band were solid and played a few standards.  I appreciated the rock feel, but after a few songs, the density of the crowd became a bit much.  I thought that Radio Bean always have great bands, so I headed over.

I walked in and Elsa Nilsson and her band were playing.  Her flute playing was strong and gentle at the same time.  The band were ultra smooth and the music sounded like some of my favorite middle sections of great prog rock songs.  I listened, fully enchanted, until the last note, then headed to see a singer that I love.

I walked to the Daily Planet as Anna Pardenik and a keyboard player were on the super small stage in the bar room.  There were a lot of people chatting and eating dinner and it was hard to find a place to just stand and listen.  The volume was low and she was asked to turn it down even more.  I loved the power in her voice as she sang some jazz standards.  I eventually found a seat a few feet from the stage, but the sound of people talking behind me, almost completely drowned her out.  I really liked what I heard, but when the set break came, I headed out the door.

I swung by the 1/2 Lounge to see if I could catch some of the Glass Project, but no one was on the stage.  Feeling full of music, I took that long happy walk home.

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.