Anachronist And Vedora At The Monkey House As Part Of Waking Windows May 1, 2014

Words by Tim Lewis.

I did not have much time before my radio show last night, but made it to The Monkey House to see a couple of bands at Waking Windows. My friend Christopher Larrow and I arrived at the Monkey close to 6:30, but I had to duck across the traffic circle to pick up my button that gets me into the shows. There was a loud rocking band who sounded fun on stage as I made the perilous journey . They wrapped up just as I got back.

We hung out for a bit in the window as the sun alternated with the clouds in a dance of shadow and light. After a bit Anachronist hit the stage. They looked a bit like 40’s ish hippies but the sound was a melodic jangle pop with some subtle but elegant lead guitar playing. Their half hour set was really nice, and I liked all the songs. As they were set to play one more, the singer said it would be a doozie. It was, and though I don’t know the song, something struck me on the first note, and I rocked it to the last. I don’t know what it was, but have definitely heard it before.

After they wrapped up, it was more hanging out in the window and watching a super bright rainbow in the sky.

After a bit Vedora hit the stage and rocked it with elegance and grace. All of the songs were new(ish) and all seemed to start with a funk groove then move into the song. I really liked everything but the last two soared on Caroline O’Connor‘s vocals and Matthew Hastings over the top guitar playing. I love those guys and am happy I made the effort. After that we took off and Chris dropped me at the station. I ran up the stairs, chatted with Tony and the ’80’s ladies then set up and did the radio show.

Today is a 9 hour work day, then back to Winooski. Hopefully I can make it to The Mountain Says No at 8:10, but may miss a bit since I’m out at 8. I will do as much as I can.

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