DJ Jay's Mix Tape Hour

DJ Jay Jason Gross, otherwise known as DJ Jay, takes over the Radiator airwaves every Thursday evening from 5:55 to 7:00 with “DJ Jay’s Mix Tape Hour.” The South Burlington resident, originally from Connecticut, has been hosting his radio hour for about 2 or 3 years, and loves doing it. His natural passion and fascination with a wide variety of genres, centering on classic rock, but dipping into R&B, pop, country, and techno makes for a delightful hour of music with minimal commentary in between. Jason is a casual, thoughtful guy, and is always open to talking to new people and sharing his love of classic music, movies, (his favorite movie is Back to the Future) and entertainment. He eagerly accepts song requests, and remains open to discovering and adding new music into his repertoire.

Starting out giving his time to organizing the music archive of Big Heavy World, Jason, who grew up listening to radio frequently from a young age, spends much of his free time listening to music he’s collected over the years. Because of this, Fellow Radiator DJ, Ross Mickel, (who hosts radio show, “Bootleggers Beware”) recognized Jason to be a wise fit for radio, and pushed for Jason to host his own music hour.

Jason brings an exciting energy to BHW and to The Radiator through his developed and refined knowledge and enthusiasm for music, and genuine friendly spirit. Alongside hosting his music hour every week, he is a great help in organizing and labeling CDs around the station, and an active member of the BHW crew.