Elephants Of Scotland At Nectar’s April 1, 2014

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing Elephants of Scotland on Tuesday April 1st at Nectar’s. They were set to go on at 10 and I worked until 9:30. I walked in around 10:15 at the end of Full Power. That is what they opened with last time, so I was pretty pleased. The played much of the new album in the first set. I’m getting to know the songs, but am really enjoying them. They all have nice melodies and a good sweep to them. They move through different sections, but always with a sense of logic and never like they are adding in sections just to fill time. Each step in a new direction makes each song stronger. The epic suite of Endless part 1 and Endless part 2 grabbed me the first time I head them and I seem to like them more every time I hear them. They played a nice set. It was not overly long, but was wonderful. As they wrapped up, they said they would take a short break and be right back. For set two they played the remaining songs from Execute and Breathe, and played much of their first album Home Away From Home. Starboard was nice and Errol McSquiitor was over the top magnificent. By the time they finished, I think they had played both albums except for A Different Machine. I was chatting with someone after and found that they opened the first set with that one. Rats. I love that song, but I really did put in a lot of effort to get there, and really could not have made it for that song. Oh well, it gives me something to want for next time.

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