Big Heavy World Web Site Launch Party Day 2: Iron Sword; Gorgon; Brimstone; Monday Night Wars; BE AGGRESSIVE!; Nautica; Bloater; Renfro

Join the Big Heavy World crew in our second day of celebrating the new Big Heavy World web site! Bands tonight at 242 Main (and April 11 at ArtsRiot) help us make happy for the all-new goodness of For the story of the new web site and how volunteers came together from all over to build it in support of Vermont-made music, see The launch parties are free thanks to Battery Street Jeans but a $5 donation toward maintaining the tour van we loan to Vermont musicians would be welcome! This event is all-ages, substance-free, and accessible. For information email or call (802) 865-1140. 242 Main is at 242 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

Sponsored by:

Battery Street Jeans

Tonight, performances are by:


Iron Sword

Iron Sword,


Monday Night Wars,






Nautica is an alternative/rock group from Hinesburg, VT consisting of an early-grad, an almost-supermarket-manager, and a private school escapee. Started in May 2012, Nautica has recorded and released 2 EPs and plans to enter the studio (early-grad's basement) again very soon to sing more about things the don't understand and record their debut full-length.