‘Applaud’ a Local Grant Effort: The Civic Cloud Knight News Challenge

To friends in Burlington who value collaborative efforts that create public resources and demonstrate inclusive, innovative, tech-savvy social values, please consider clicking the ‘Applause’ button for the Civic Cloud application to the Knight New Challenge: https://www.newschallenge.org/challenge/2014/submissions/the-civic-cloud-a-digital-commons-for-civic-and-non-commercial-internet-applications For a brief history of the Civic Cloud, see http://www.bigheavyworld.com/2014/02/17/a-brief-history-of-the-civic-cloud-collaboration/ and visit Code for BTV, Burlington’s local volunteer civic hacker brigade, at http://codeforbtv.org/ The Civic Cloud Collaborative is an intensely productive force for connecting the City of Burlington to near-future technologies that can benefit everyone. For more info, contact info@codeforbtv.org