Elephants Of Scotland At Nectar’s February 17, 2014

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a good time seeing new music from Elephants of Scotland Monday night at Nectar’s. It had been a long week of working in the day and seeing music at night. I put in a long day Monday, but did not have to work until Tuesday afternoon. I was pretty tired, but thought I had a 9-9:45 rock show left in me. Rich Haskell stopped by and we headed out just before 9. We arrived on time for the show, but even though the stage was set, not a lot was happening. We chatted with the band for a bit, then the sound man showed up. They sound checked the drums, then the rest of the band, and maybe around 10, they were set to go. The Elephants played 45 minutes of mostly new songs. I had heard a couple of them live a while ago, but the rest ware new. I never seem to be able to grasp their songs the first time through. They are large and move through a lot of changes. I had a really good time listening to them, but with my body so exhausted, I don’t think I caught as much of what was happening as I usually can. It seemed like Amber Waves had a bit more punch to it from the last time I saw it. They ended with a suite of songs, that I think are Endless and Endless pt 2. I really liked those two, but the rest of the night was left in the room. They will be playing a couple of shows in March, so I will have to go see them again and really start to learn the new songs. It’s probably just as well, that I was so tired the first time through. It gave me the chance to just listen and experience the songs. From past experience, that should give me the basis to really explore them the next few times through. After they finished up, there were two more bands on the bill. The second sounded like prog-metal, which could be interesting, but the late start made sure I was done the moment Elephants let the last note ring. I should probably not try the 5 nights in a row thing for a while.

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