New BHW & Radiator Crew: Jon Fitzgerald

Jon Fitzgerald
Words by Jason "DJ Jay" Gross. Photo by James Lockridge.

Jon Fitzgerald is a new member of the crew at Big Heavy World. He is currently a student at Johnson State College, and he joins us with quite a background in radio! He has been co-hosting a radio show for two years on 90.7 FM WJFC. He has interviewed a skateboarder, Anthony Miller, and other guests on the show, and he says, “It’s a lot more fun doing the show with a co-host.” Jon is here at BHW as part of an internship through Johnson State to learn more about the station and to help out where he can. One of his professors suggested the internship at the station, and Christina Hill, director of The College STEPS program at Johnson State College helped him to get the position. Jon also plans to volunteer at the station to help with organizing files, data entry, and supporting BHW events. He hopes to learn about other projects along the way too. Jon has also hosted a sports show called The Sports Machine on Thursday afternoons, and he co-hosted a music show as a first year student at 90.7 FM, making PSA’s about campus groups, the college program, and upcoming events.  Jon also hosted a Ball with a few key clubs at Johnson State and raised over $300.00 for the clubs. He is also going to host a talent show on Wednesday, November 20th!

Jon grew up in Franklin, & he has been living in Vermont his entire life. He has traveled extensively and has visited Paris, France; Providence, Rhode Island; Washington, DC; Indianapolis, Indiana; Wells Beach in Maine; New York City; Great Escape in Lake George; and Quebec. He and his brother Kevin (who went to college in Ohio) experienced The Montreal International Jazz Festival & celebrated The Fourth of July up there as well.

Jon really digs almost all kinds of music like country, rock, & pop. Bruce Springsteen and Garth Brooks are two of his favorite artists in music. He also likes rock bands, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, and Van Halen. He even took the course, “The Social History of Rock & Roll” in college. Jon’s hobbies are playing video games, watching TV and movies, playing golf, helping his father accomplish chores like splitting wood, and helping his grandmother out. He also enjoyed hiking the Rail Trail between Saint Albans and Richford, VT.

During our interview, Jon sent a shout out to all his mentors at Johnson State “You guys are the best, you guys rock, I’m just proud of being part of the program with you guys, I love you all!!!” He also sent a shout out to his family/relatives, “I love you all”, and a shout out to The Next Step Self Advocates & Green Mountain Self Advocates, “You guys are the best, you rock, especially you, Next Step Self Advocates, you guys are the best group in the state of Vermont, couldn’t be more proud of you guys, you rock!”

We are proud to have Jon join us at BHW, and we wish him the best experience at The Radiator!