Big Heavy App Gets Nathan Haskins 3rd Place in MyWebGrocer's HackVT Hackathon!

Nate1 Photos by Morgan Day.

THANK YOU MyWebGrocer (and event sponsors!) for including Big Heavy World's music library data set in the HackVT hackathon on October 11 & 12 - programmer Nathan Haskins entered as Team "Big Heavy Web," chose and programmed the app per all the special specs, and took third place!

Nathan Haskins

We needed an application that would (finally!) bring Vermont-made music to the Big Heavy World web site in a way that let people actually explore the whole universe of it at one time. The new music player will make more than 10,000 Vermont songs available to hear (not download), "lending" each song from the library to one person at a time while they listen to it. Our Vermont Music Library archive is going virtual, thanks to MyWebGrocer and Nathan!

Nathan Accepting Award

The new app will be a part of the new Big Heavy World web site under construction right now, coming together with the help of volunteer programmers and the civic hackers of the 'Code for BTV' Code for America Brigade, meeting monthly and hosting hackathons to build apps and set up the new web site framework. The next hackathon is October 26 & 27; see for details.