Andrew Churchill Takes On BHW Jukebox Project & Marketing

Andrew Churchill Photo by Lily Chau.

"Hi everybody, what's up! My name is Andy Churchill and I am a senior at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont. I am a double major studying Business and Spanish. I have just recently joined Big Heavy World and am already loving it. I am working with this non-profit in order to spread the word of all the good that BHW does throughout Vermont. I'm focused on the marketing side of the company, so essentially I try to inform people of what our goal is, how we strive to attain it and how we maintain our image. So far, it has been super exciting working with incredibly talented Vermont artists and bands. I look forward to developing deeper relationships with the musically gifted while at the same time working to promote both the image of musicians and our company on a larger level. Come by the office to shake a hand and make a friend. All the best. - Andy"

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